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Intramural Sports

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

To register for Intramurals, you must create an account with IM Leagues. Go here to create an account. Once you have created an account, you can create and join teams. If you are the individual creating the team you will be the team captain. As team captain you will be responsible for paying the registration fee. To pay fees visit the Intramural Office in the Sports Center, Room G-03 Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm. Payment is accepted in the forms of cash, check, credit/debit card, or EagleBucks. Once the registration fee has been paid, your team will be approved. Please pay close attention to registration dates, as teams must be registered and paid for by the deadline. Late entries are not accepted.

Additional registration information can be found here.

What if I don't have a team?

Free agent registration is taken for the major team sports. Individuals without teams should register with IM Leagues as a free agent. Free agents can the search IM Leagues for team seeking free agents. Free agents can then request to join that team. Once the request is recieved the captian will approve you and add you to the roster. Team captains have the option to make their team avaialble to free agents if they wish. Intramurals will try to place all free agents either on a free agent team or with already formed teams. Intramurals cannot guarantee that participants will be placed on a team.

How can I pay for my intramural registration?

Intramural entry fees may be payed for with Cash, Check Credit/Debit Card or Eaglebucks. Checks should be written to American University.

What does Open mean next to a sport?

This classification is offered in certain tournaments and events. An open classification means that all teams will be grouped together and have the chance to play each other. Example: Men's teams could play Co-Rec teams, or Women's teams. There will be no difference in rules for this type of activity.

What is the difference between A and B Divisions?

A is a more competitive division than B. Teams playing in the B division should be looking for a more recreational experience. Both groups have their own playoffs and are awarded championship t-shirts at the completion of the season. A division teams and B division teams will not play each other during regular seasons. However, B division teams may be moved into the A division for playoffs.

How many games do teams play?

In general, most teams will be scheduled 4 games in major league sports. Special events and tournament structures are dependent on the total number of registrations.

Where are the games played?

All indoor sports are played in Bender Arena. The outdoor events are played within the Jacobs Recreational Complex.

Please note that games played in Bender Arena require ID access for all participants and spectators. Non-AU affiliated spectators wishing to view intramural games in Bender Arena must pay a $12 guest fee. This fee will be required upon each visit to the facility.

When are intramural games played?

Intramural league games are generally scheduled Sunday through Thursday. Outdoor sports will play in the afternoons. Indoor sports will play in the evenings. The majority of special events and tournaments take place on weekends.

How does my team make the playoffs?

In most cases, teams need to finish 1st or 2nd place in their division or have a 3-1 record. Teams must also have a 3.0 sportsmanship average to qualify for the playoffs.

What do I need to play?

In order to participate in any Intramural contest, a participant must first register an account with IM Leagues. Once a participant has an account they can join a team. Once they have joined the team, the team captain must approve the participant in order for them to be added onto the roster. Only players who have been approved and added to the roster prior to games be allowed to particpate. In addition you must present your AU ID at the gamesite and be checked in by Intramrual Staff prior to participating. NO ID NO PLAY! You must be on the roster prior to midnight, the day before the game or if the game is on Sunday, 5pm the Friday before. It is for this reason no sign-ups can be done at the gamesite. To register an account and join teams click here.

Why can't I wear cleats on the turf?

Cleats are not allowed on the Jacobs Recreational Complex because cleats can get caught in the turf causing injury to the participant.