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Intramural Sports


Intramural Sports is excited to partner with IM Leagues for league registration and management!

All Intramural registration is done online. Every Intramural participant will need to create an account with IM Leagues. Once you have created an account you can create or join teams.

Detailed directions on how to register can be found here.

Once a team is registered, the captain or a team member must bring payment to the Intramural Office. Once payment is received, the team will be approved. Payment is accepted between 10am-6pm Monday-Friday. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, credit/debit card, and EagleBucks. The Intramrual Office is located in G-03 Bender Arena.

Only one individual needs to register the team. Once the team has been registered other participants can join. Once a participant requests to join the captain will be prompted to accept them. Once accepted the participant is placed on the roster.

Teams must be registered and paid for by the registration deadline. Team members may join at any point during the regular season. Participants must be registered and approved prior to any game/activity. On-site registration will not be permitted.

Teams will be scheduled based on the availability that they provide when registering. If a team cannot play a specific date due to academic, organizational or religious conflict this must be selected during the registration process prior to the entry deadline.


Do you want to play, but can't find a team to join? That's okay.

Sign up with an IM Leagues account and search for teams looking for free agents. During the registration process teams will indicate if they are seeking free agents. Once you find a team, register with them and the team captain will approve and add you to the roster.

Each major team sport has a free agent process. The fee is $5. If we receive enough free agents without a team we will create one for those individuals. We will do our best to find you a team on which to play.