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Recreational Sports and Fitness

Front Desk Student Membership

Student Memberships

Integrate Fitness into your Campus Life!

Student members include undergraduate students, part-time students, law school students, graduate students and PhD students. A student membership is offered to any student who is registered for at least one credit for the current semester in any of the above categories. 

In the summer, student memberships are given to those who were registered for the immediate previous spring semester (have not graduated) AND and fall semester OR currently registered for the summer session. 

When a student meets this criterion, no additional fee is charged for a membership.

How do I start my student membership?

For new students, access to the facility begins the first day of Welcome Week in the Fall and Spring semester.

Admittance will be rendered upon successful completion of the registration form and presentation of a valid AU ID card.  PhD students who have completed their course work must maintain matriculation and show proof they are registered.


For May graduates, membership ends on May 31st. Students may purchase an Alumni Membership in order to continue access.


Student Family Membership

Registered students may enroll their spouse/domestic partner and dependents (under the age of 18) in a student family membership on a semester basis. Family members must be living in the same household as the student. Enrolling family members must be present at the time of registration for form completion and to take pictures for individual membership cards.

Student Family
$136 per semester


Become a Member Today!

New members (students) must complete our Registration Form in order gain access to all Recreational Sports and Fitness facilities. Completed forms can be submitted in person at either fitness center facility.

Students under 18: Parents/Legal Guardian signatures are required on page 3 & 4 of form. Forms can be faxed to 202-885-1007.



Check out our FAQ page or submit a Membership Inquiry.