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Jacobs Fitness Center Lockers


Locker Services

There are many options for members to keep their valuables stored safety within the Jacobs Fitness Center.

General Locker Rooms

Lockers are available in both the men's and women's locker room for both day-use and overnight rentals.

Day use lockers are available free of charge. Members may bring their own lock or you may purchase a combo lock for $10 at the front desk. Any items left in the lockers at the end of the night may be removed and disposed of.

Overnight lockers are available to rent for on a semesterly basis. Overnight lockers are great way to make your workout more convenient. Lockers are full-length and come with an embedded lock. Rentals can be purchased at the Jacobs front desk.

Price: Summer locker rental fee is $20.

Sale dates: Summer locker rentals are now on sale.


Spring semester locker rentals expire May 20.

Summer locker rentals expire July 22*.

Questions? Please contact Justine at


Digital Lockers

There are small digital lockers for day-use in the Jacobs Fitness Center free of charge, that can store small, personal items while you work out.


Summer 2016 Locker Replacement Project

*Tentatively July 23 - August 23

What accommodations will be made during the project?

We will work closely with athletics to make day-use locker and shower facilities available within Bender Arena. Additionally, Cassell Fitness Center will be available with small, day-use locker/shower facilities during this time.

Why are we replacing the lockers?

Aside from ensuring that all lockers and locks are in good working order, this project will feature two significant improvements:

·    Lockers will be primarily welded, instead of constructed on sight. This will improve the durability and security of our lockers over our existing lockers.

·    5% of all full lockers will have the option of ADA compliant locks. This will help us take a positive step towards improving the accessibility of fitness and recreation services for all members of the AU community.

Locker Rental FAQs:

Can I keep my current locker?

Yes. Unless otherwise requested, your locker location will not change.

In the men’s locker room, full lockers #1-22, 58, and 59 will be moving to the north wall (currently where the majority of the half lockers are located. Unless otherwise requested, we will keep everyone who is moving in the same locker order (so you can keep your locker neighbors). Please note that some locker numbers will change.

Can I switch lockers?

Maybe, depending on availability. If you have a requested new location, please contact Justine Kelley. We cannot guarantee will be able to accommodate all requests.

Can I keep my current combination?

No, unfortunately, all lock combinations will change during this process. Because the hardware will physically change, we will not be able to make exceptions.