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Recreational Sports & Fitness

  1. Alicia Fodera, Assistant Director, Membership Services and Promotion

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Alicia joined American University in August 2011. She oversees all membership services for Recreational Sports and Fitness which includes all front desk operations as well as supervises the member services staff and part time managers. Alicia also is… More

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    (202) 885-6049

  2. Jocelyn Hill, Director of Recreational Sports & Fitness

    Recreational Sports & Fitness

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  3. Allison Jackson, Fitness Coordinator, Personal Training & Assessment Programs

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Allie joined American University in June 2015. She oversees all personal training and assessment programs for Recreational Sports and Fitness. She is a certified exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning specialist, and Olympic weightlifting c… More

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    (202) 885-6656

  4. Justine Kelley, Health Fitness Supervisor

    Recreational Sports & Fitness

    Justine joined the AU community in June 2014. She received her bachelors degree in International Development from Calvin College in 2013. Justine is actively pursuing a masters degree at AU in Health Promotion Management with an emphasis in Nutrition… More

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    (202) 885-6282

  5. Kathryn Lundberg, Fitness Coordinator, Wellness & Special Events

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Katie joined American University in September 2015. She oversees all wellness programming and special events for Recreational Sports & Fitness.

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    (202) 885-6657

  6. Brittany Madison, Health Fitness Supervisor

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Brittany joined the Cassell Fitness Center at AU in July 2014, however she has been a part of the AU community since August 2013 as a student pursuing her Masters degree in Health Promotion Management. Brittany oversees Cassell Fitness Center, and ca… More

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  7. Christopher Nasti, Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness Programs

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Chris joined American University in August 2015. He oversees Fitness and Wellness programming and operations for Recreational Sports and Fitness. Prior to arriving at AU, Chris worked in Rec Sports at University of Illinois, Purdue University and DeP… More

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    (202) 885-6048

  8. Rebecca Parks, Fitness Coordinator, Group Exercise & Instructional Programs

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

    Becky joined Recreational Sports and Fitness in February 2015. She worked as a Group Fitness Instructor since the age of 16, and continued doing so while also personal training and pursuing her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Physical Ed… More

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  9. Dwayne Wilkerson, Assistant Director, Club Sports and Intramurals

    Recreational Sports and Fitness

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