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Fitness Assessments and Additional Fitness Services

Additional Fitness Services

Recreational Sports and Fitness offers additional fitness services to new and existing members. These services can help you start your fitness program or check in on your progress. Sign up for all services at any Recreational Sports and Fitness front desk. Pay by cash, check, credit card, or Eagle Bucks.

Fitness Assessment

Do you know your current fitness level?  A fitness assessment is a series of measurements that help to determine various components of your physical fitness.  At the fitness center, your assessment will include resting heart rate and blood pressure measurements, body composition analysis, cardiovascular and muscular endurance assessments, and flexibility testing.  These assessments are conducted by our Certified Personal Trainers. At the end of the assessment you will have the chance to discuss your results, formulate your fitness goals and ask any questions in your Fitness Consultation with the Personal Trainer. The fitness assessment itself takes about 30-40 minutes, but you may use the remaining portion of the hour for your bonus Fitness Consultation. Fitness Assessments are available to all Recreational Sports and Fitness members for $35. 

Body Composition Test

Do you know the composition of your body? At the Fitness Center, we use the skinfold technique to determine the percentage of lean mass and fat mass that comprise your body.  Body Composition Tests are available to Recreational Sports and Fitness members for $12.

Fitness Equipment Orientation

Want to learn about the equipment in the fitness center? A Fitness Equipment Orientation is designed to orient new and existing members to the selectorized strength equipment and cardiovascular machines. This FREE service takes about 30 minutes. You can sign up at either the Jacobs or Cassell Fitness Center Front Desk today!

Challenge of the Month!

Be an ActiveU with the Challenge of the Month! Each month brings a new challenge. Are you ready to push yourself? The challenge of the month is posted in both fitness centers. Ask a staff member to show you.