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Faculty Advisory Committee | Center for North American Studies

  1. Dr. Robert A. Pastor, Vice President of International Affairs; Professor, SIS; and Director, Center for North American Studies
  2. Professor Robert A. Blecker, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences
  3. Professor Philip Brenner, SIS; Director, Inter-Disciplinary Council on Latin America
  4. Assistant Professor Miguel Carter, School of International Service
  5. Dr. Maria Green Cowles, Associate Director, University Honors Program
  6. Professor David C. Culver, Biology, College of Arts and Sciences
  7. Associate Professor Frank L. DuBois, International Business, Kogod School of Business
  8. Associate Professor Michelle Egan, School of International Service
  9. Assistant Professor Todd A. Eisenstadt, Government, School of Public Affairs
  10. Assistant Professor David Ekbladh, History, College of Arts and Sciences
  11. Rev. Joseph Eldridge, Chaplain, American University, Founder of WOLA
  12. Assistant Professor Sally W. Fowler, Strategic Management, Endowed Fellow, Kogod
  13. Associate Professor Carolyn Gallaher, School of International Service
  14. Nadia Gerspacher, CNAS Fellow and SIS Adjunct Professor
  15. Dean Emeritus Louis W. Goodman, School of International Service
  16. Dean Claudio M. Grossman, Washington College of Law
  17. Associate Professor Randall Henning, School of International Service
  18. Daniel Hernandez, Visiting Professor, School of International Service
  19. Professor William Leap, Chair, Anthropology; Coordinator, American Studies; CAS
  20. Assistant Professor James R. Lee, School of International Service
  21. Dean William LeoGrande, School of Public Affairs
  22. Assistant Professor Richard G. Linowes, Outstanding Professor of Undergraduate Programs, Kogod School of Business
  23. Michael Mass, Kogod School of Business; Director, University Honors Program
  24. Dr. James T. McHugh, Associate Director and Visiting Professor, CNAS
  25. Associate Professor Ellen E. Meade, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences
  26. Assistant Professor Sarah Menke-Fish, School of Communication
  27. Dean Kay Mussell, College of Arts and Sciences
  28. Fernanda Nicola, Associate Professor, Washington College of Law
  29. Associate Professor Amy Oliver, Language and Foreign Studies; Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences
  30. Antonio Ortiz Mena L. N., CNAS Senior Fellow and Head of Economic Affairs, Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C.
  31. Associate Professor Walter G. Park, Department of Economics
  32. Associate Professor Randolph Persaud, School of International Service
  33. Ambassador Anthony Quainton, Distinguished Diplomat-in-Residence
  34. Professor Rick Rockwell, Department of Journalism
  35. Professor Christopher Rudolph, School of International Service
  36. Associate Professor Cathy Schneider, School of International Service
  37. Dr. Susan Solarz, Scholar-in-Residence, Biology, College of Arts and Sciences
  38. Assistant Professor Mireya Solís, School of International Service
  39. Manuel Suarez-Mier, Adjunct Professor of Economic and Finance, SIS
  40. Professor Brett Williams, Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences
  41. Associate Professor Paul Winters, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences