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Senior Fellows | Center for North American Studies

Fulbright Visiting Chair James Dean

James W. Dean is Emeritus Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University, and Fulbright Professor of North American Studies at American University Jan - May 2010. He holds a BSc degree in mathematics and physics from Carleton University, and MA and PhD degrees from Harvard University. He has published 6 books and monographs and about 100 scholarly articles, mostly on international macroeconomics and finance. His most recent book is The Dollarizaton Debate (Oxford University Press, 2003). He is now writing about global currency systems, India and China, income distribution and happiness, and paradoxes surrounding globalization. He lectures and advises extensively across the globe, and has held 26 visiting positions at universities and research institutes world-wide. In real life he plays jazz tenor saxophone with the James Dean Trio.

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