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News and Announcements

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Most Recent News and Announcements:

7/19/16: Announcing Annie Belott's Departure from SIS

6/27/16: Bulletin: Interim Advisors for CRS, GEP, IER and IE; July Economics Placement Exam, Summer Graduation Applications

6/15/16: Announcing Marisa Rivero's Departure from SIS (including interim advisor assignments)

3/7/16: Fall and Summer 2016 Registration FAQs

3/7/16: Fall 2016 Student Planning Registration Instructions

Summer 2016 News and Announcements

6/20/16: Bulletin: Apply to Graduate for Summer, Summer Internships and Professional Experience Requirement, Summer Skills Institutes still Available

5/23/16: Bulletin: Summer Internship and SRP Registrations OVERDUE, June TOR Exam Registration Deadline THIS FRIDAY

5/17/16: Bulletin: Summer Registration Deadlines, including internships, THIS WEEK

5/9/16: Bulletin: Summer Edition: Registration Deadlines, Internship Info, TOR Exam Dates, Skills Institutes, Econ Placement Exam

Spring 2016 News and Announcements

4/18/16: Spring 2016 SIS Practicum Presentations

4/18/16: Bulletin: Spring Practicum Presentations, Summer Financial Aid Application, April TOR Exam, Fall Methods Courses

4/11/16: Bulletin: Fall Methods Courses, April TOR Exam, AU Dialogue on Diversity and Inclusion in Grad Education

4/5/16: Bulletin: April TOR Exam, Advising Appointments, Careers in International Affairs Dinner3/28/16: Bulletin: Economics Placement Exam, Fall and Summer Registration Information

3/21/16: Bulletin: Fall and Summer Registration Information, Skills Institutes still Available for Spring, Job Search Club

3/14/16: Bulletin: Fall and Summer Registration Information, Commencement Speaker Applications due Today

3/8/16: Bulletin: Fall and Summer Registration, March TOR Exam, Student Award Nominations

2/29/16: Bulletin: Practicum Application Deadline TOMORROW

2/29/16:Apply to be a 2016 SIS Student Commencement Speaker!

2/22/16: Bulletin: Summer/Fall Practicum Applications, MA Task Force Student Survey prizes, SISAbroad Advisor Approval Process, Employer in Residence Program

2/16/16: Bulletin: SIS Abroad Advisor Approval Process, Feb TOR Exam, SIS Resume Week, Student Town Hall on MA Task Force Rescheduled

2/9/16: Applications for Summer and Fall 2016 Practica are now open!

2/8/16: Bulletin: Skills Institute Adds/Drops, Feb TOR Exam, Research Fellowship and Grants, Student Town Hall on MA Task Force

2/2/16: Announcing Summer and Fall 2016 Practica, including Info Sessions

2/1/16: Bulletin: Spring Graduation Applications, SIS Career Week and other Career Development events

1/27/16: Bulletin: Late Registrations, IC Writing Fellows Program, Public International Law and Policy Program

1/19/16: Bulletin: RA/TA Positions available, Additional Spring Methods course, SRP/Internship Registration Deadline this week

1/11/16: Bulletin: Spring 2016 Add/Drop: Express Advising, Registration FAQs, and SRP/Internship Registration Deadlines; Career Development Workshops

1/6/16: Bulletin: Spring 2016 Add/Drop: Express Advising, Registration FAQs, SRP/Internship Registration Deadlines and Student Planning Reminders 

12/21/15: Spring 2016 Add/Drop Registration FAQs

Fall 2015 News and Announcements:

12/21/15: Spring 2016 Add/Drop Express Advising, Registration FAQs and SRP/Internship Registration Deadlines

12/14/15: Bulletin: DACOR Bacon Fellowship, Deadline Extended for SIS Industry Days in NYC

12/7/15: Bulletin: SIS Industry Days in NYC, Global Networks Program

12/3/15: DACOR $10,000 Fellowship for 1st year MA students: Applications due 12/20/2015

11/30/15: Bulletin: Dean in the Atrium, JIS Applications, GSC Website

11/23/15: Bulletin: Last Chance for Student Survey, Dean in the Atrium, Journal of International Service Applications

11/16/15: Bulletin: Student Survey, Boren Fellowship, Advising Appointments, Alumni in the Atrium

11/12/15: MA Task Force Student Survey

11/10/15: Bulletin: Advising Appointments, Nov ECON Placement Exam, Alumni in the Atrium, SIS Abroad panel

11/2/15: Bulletin: Spring Skills Institutes, Nov TOR Exam Registration, Industry Days: European Union, Military Experiences Dialogue

10/26/15: Bulletin: Spring 2016 Registration Instructions, Nov TOR Exam, Dec Grad Apps & Commencement, Rosenthal Fellowship App Deadline

10/12/15: Spring 2016 Registration FAQs

10/6/15: Spring 2016 Registration Instructions - Student Planning

10/2/15: Advisor, Mike Rosenberger, on paternity leave - Temporary advisors for GGPS/IP, EPGA, PhD

10/1/15: Announcing the 2016 Harold W. Rosenthal Fellowship in International Affairs

10/20/15: Bulletin: Spring 2016 Registration Instructions and FAQs, SIS Leadership Dinner, Alumni in the Atrium

10/12/15: Bulletin: Spring '16 Registration Instructions and FAQs, Critical Language Scholarship Info Session, Grantwriting Workshop 

10/5/15: Bulletin: Temp Advisors, Rosenthal Fellowship, Grad Research Grants, Study Abroad Fund, Virtual State Dept Career Panel, Boren Info Session

9/28/15: Bulletin: Spring '16 Practica App Deadline, Econ Placement Exam Registration Deadline, Fall Commencement Speaker Apps, Alumni in the Atrium

9/21/15: Bulletin: Spring 2016 Practica, Advising Appts, GSC Updates, Workshops: PMF, Reading Skills and Grad Regs

9/14/15: Bulletin: Last day of Add/Drop, Sept TOR Exam, GSC Elections, PMF Workshops, Time Management Workshop

9/14/15: Spring 2016 SIS Practicum Application Process

9/11/15: Applications open for 2015-2016 SIS Student-Alumni Mentor Program - Deadline: Sunday, September 20

9/8/15: Bulletin: Sept TOR Exam Registration, GSC Elections, Internships and Professional Experience Requirement, Alumni in the Atrium

8/31/15: Bulletin: Elections for GSC Senators, Internship/SRP deadline, Registration FAQs, Express Advising

8/31/15: Fall 2015 SIS Graduate Orientation Packet

8/28/15: AU Graduate Language Audit Program extended through Spring 2016 - Registration Process

8/17/15: Fall 2015 Add/Drop Registration FAQs

8/17/15: Updated AU Graduate Academic Regulations effective Fall 2015

Summer 2015 News and Announcements:

8/24/15: Bulletin: Add/Drop Express Advising and Registration FAQs, SRP/internship registration deadlines, New Academic Regs, Global Networks program, SIS-600 Skills Refresher, Advisor Changes

8/17/15: Bulletin: Add/Drop Express Advising and Registration FAQs, SRP/internship registration deadlines, New Academic Regs, GSC Updates, SIS-600 Skills Refresher, Changes in Advisors

8/17/15: New GEP Advisor - Marisa Rivero - beginning Mon, Aug 24

8/3/15: Bulletin: GSC Applications Review, Part-time Student Job, Changes in Advisors

7/27/15: Bulletin: Changes in Advisors, Open GSC Positions

7/20/15: Bulletin: Changes in Advisors, Open GSC Positions, Part-Time Student Job

7/17/15: Advisor Transitions in SIS Grad Advising (EPGA, IC, IM, IER, IE)

7/17/17: Open Positions for SIS Graduate Student Council (incl MA Task Force reps)

7/6/15: Bulletin: Grad Advising Hiring Part-Time Assistant, Second Summer Session Add/Drop, Summer Graduation Applications Overdue

6/30/15: Bulletin: Summer Graduation Applications Overdue, Second Summer Session Add/Drop, July Econ Placement Exam

6/15/15: Bulletin: Summer TOR Exam Registration Deadline, July Econ Placement Exam, Part-time Student Jobs

6/8/15: Bulletin: Student job opps, New IPCR Advisor, Summer TOR Exam registration closing Friday

6/1/15: Bulletin: New IPCR Advisor, Summer TOR Exam registration open, and last day to register for June Econ Placement Exam.

5/29/15: Introducing New IPCR Advisor - Annie Belott

5/26/15: Bulletin: June Econ Placement Exan and Additional Fall Methods Courses

5/18/15: Bulletin: June Econ Placement Exam, Adt'l Fall Methods Courses, Summer Registration Deadlines, Summer Internship Info

4/27/15: Fall 2015 Skills Institutes Master List

4/27/15: Summer 2015 Skills Institutes Master List

5/13/15: Bulletin: GSC Survey, Summer Registration Deadlines, Summer Internship Info

Spring 2015 News and Announcements:

5/4/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Study Abroad Fund applications, Summer Registration Deadlines, Summer Internship Info

4/27/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin - Summer and Fall Skills Institutes, Graduation Census Survey, Summer TOR Exams

4/20/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: French Reading for Research, Summer Abroad Grants Deadline, Summer Language Audits

4/13/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: GSC Executive Board for 15-16, Online Appt Booking, Summer Language Audits, Summer Research Grants

4/6/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: New Online Scheduling for Advising Appointments, GSC Elections, Summer Lang Audits, Summer Research Grants

3/30/15: Updated: Express Advising Schedule (March 23-April 3) Pre-Registration for Summer and Fall 2015

3/30/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Fall Registration Begins TODAY, Express Advising updates, Summer Research Grants

3/16/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: April TOR Exam Registration, Fall & Summer Registration, Student Awards

3/9/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Summer and Fall Registration and SIS Student Awards

3/9/15: Fall and Summer 2015 Registration FAQs 

3/6/15: Congratulations Mike Rosenberger for winning AU's Excellence in Graduate Advising Award

3/2/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Last day to withdraw from Spring courses

2/13/15: Call for SIS Commencement Speakers

2/9/15: Fall 2015 Practicum Courses Announced

1/14/15: Updated: Spring 2015 Skills Institutes Master List

2/23/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Practicum App due by MARCH 1, Six events/workshops TOMORROW

2/16/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Summer Abroad Internship Apps, Fall Practicum Info Session, March Econ Placement Exam

2/9/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Fall Practica applications open, PILPP applications open, Grant-writing and Mentoring workshops

2/2/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Interim advisors (IPCR, EPGA, IER/IE) and Summer practicum deadline extended

1/30/15: Announcing Kristin Richards' departure from AU - last day Friday, February 6 (including interim advisor assignments)

1/26/15: Updated: Spring 2015 Express Advising Hours (Jan. 5-30)

1/26/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin 1/26/15 - Last day of Add/Drop TODAY, Feb TOR Exam registration, Georgia summer info session cancelled

1/20/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin 1/20/15: Feb TOR Exam Reg., Econ Placement Exam, Internships for Prof. Exp., SRP/Internship Registration Deadlines

1/12/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin 1/12/15: Internships for Prof. Exp. req., SRP/internship registration deadlines, and Add/Drop Express Advising

1/6/15: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Add/Drop Express Advising and Spring Registration Deadlines

1/5/15: Spring 2015 Add/Drop Registration FAQ's

Fall 2014 News and Announcements:

12/18/14: Express Advising Hours for Add/Drop (Jan 5-30, 2015)

12/15/14: SIS Abroad: Summer 2015 Programs Announced!

10/27/14: Spring 2015 SIS Master Skills Institutes List

10/13/14: Spring 2015 Registration FAQs

12/10/14: DACOR Bacon House Felllowship Reminder

12/8/14:Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Spring '15 Grad Language Audit Registration

12/1/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Spring '15 Registration Deadlines and Grad Apps; Boren Workshop/OMA Drop-ins

11/24/14: DACOR $10,000 Fellowship for 1st-Year MA Students: Applications Due 12/12/14

11/17/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Exploring Identities Dialogue, OMA Drop-ins and SIS Industry Days at Dept of Homeland Security

11/10/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Alumni in the Atrium, Grantwriting workshop, and SIS Industry Days at DHS

11/3/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Advising appointments, Nov TOR exam registration and S15 skills institutes

10/27/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Updated Express Advising hours, Nov TOR exam registration and Grad Enhancement workshops

10/27/14: Updated: Express Advising Schedule (Oct 20-31) for Spring 2015 Registration

10/20/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Spring 2015 Registration (including FAQs), Express Advising, and Econ Placement Exam.

10/13/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Last Day to Withdraw and Spring 2015 Registration

10/6/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: JIS Submissions, Alumni in the Atrium, and Critical Language Scholarship Info

10/3/14: SIS Practica Program - Practicum course updates and Deadline Reminder

9/29/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Practica, Alumni in the Atrium, and CLS.

9/22/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Practica Info Sessions, SIS Research Grants, and the Econ Placement Exam

9/15/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Advising Appt's, Spring 2015 Practica, Sep TOR Exam, and Alumni in the Atrium

9/12/14: Announcing Spring 2015 SIS Practica

9/8/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Add/Drop deadline TODAY, Sep TOR exam, RA/TA positions, Presidential Management Fellowship

9/5/14: Updates for Fall 2014 Skills Institutes

9/2/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Internships for Prof. Exp. requirement, and fall registration deadlines

8/25/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Internship/SRP registration deadlines and graduation applications

8/22/14: Fall 2014 Orientation Materials

8/18/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Add/Drop Express Advising and Registration FAQs

8/18/14: Fall 2014 Add-Drop Registration FAQ's

8/14/14: Express Advising Schedule for Add/Drop Period

8/11/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: Add/Drop Express Advising, Fall Skills Institutes and Grad Orientation

Summer 2014 News and Announcements:

7/28/14: Grad Advising Office closed on July 30

5/27/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: May 27, 2014

5/20/14: Summer Internship Registration Reminder

Spring 2014 News and Announcements:

5/13/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: May 13, 2014

5/13/14: Grad Advising Office Closure on Tuesday, 5/13

5/5/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: May 5, 2014

4/22/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: April 22, 2014

4/14/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: April 14, 2014

4/8/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: April 8, 2014

3/31/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: March 31, 2014

3/24/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: March 24, 2014

3/18/14: Grad Advising Weekly Bulletin: March 18, 2014

3/7/14: Spring 2014 Express Advising Schedule (March 17-27)

3/5/14: Summer and Fall 2014 Registration Information and FAQs

1/30/14: Announcing New IPCR & IER Advisor, Kristin Richards

1/29/14: Fall 2014 Practica Meet & Greet Info

1/27/14: Summer and Fall 2014 Practicum Application

1/22/14: Spring 2014 Master Skills Institutes List

1/13/14: Spring 2014 Express Advising Hours (January)

1/3/14: Spring Add/Drop Information/FAQs

Fall 2013 News and Announcements:

11/15/13: DACOR Bacon House Foundation Email

11/15/13: DACOR Bacon House Foundation Cover Sheet

10/24/13: Spring 2014 Skills Email to Students

10/14/13: October TOR Language Exam Dates

10/8/13: October 2013 Program Specific Drop-in Hours

10/7/13: Spring 2014 Registration Information/FAQs

9/17/13: Graduate Student Council Leadership Opportunities

9/11/13: Advising Appointments - starting September 16

9/11/13: Welcome Marisa Rivero - New CRS Advisor

9/10/13: Spring 2014 Practica Application and Info Sessions

9/5/13: Fall 2013 Add/Drop Deadlines and Information

9/3/13: Spring 2014 Practica Information

8/16/13: Fall 2013 Add/Drop Registration FAQs

8/16/13: Fall 2013 Express Advising Notice

Summer 2013 News and Announcements:

5/31/13: SIS Student-Alumni Mentoring Program - Applications due by July 17

5/14/2013: Summer Registration Information for 2013 (including TOR Exam dates) 

5/2/2013: Additional Methodoloy Courses for Fall 2013

Spring 2013 News and Announcements:

4/10/2013: CRS Advising Transitions - Effective April 19

4/10/2013: IC/FM Advising Transitions - Effective April 19

4/15/2013: IER Advising Transitions - Effective April 19

4/10/2013: April Tool of Research Exam (for MA language requirement) - registration deadline Friday, April 12

4/10/2013: Fall/Summer 2013 Registration Information/FAQs - Fall Registration begins March 22