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International Communication | SIS

Selected Student Capstone Research Projects

Intercultural Relations

Cultural Education and Public Schools

American Perspective on the Tsunami

Culture and Identity in European Union

Feminist Discourse-Nigerian Women

Culture & Volunteerism

Immigration & Education in Germany

Spirituality in Immigration

Heritage Arts Communication

Spanish Culture, Society, and Film

Internationalize the Campus

Cross-Cultural Training

Collective Memory After Communism

Internationalization in Higher Education

International Education & Development in Africa

Propaganda in Iraq

Armenian Cultural Preservation

Virtual Exchange Programs

Grassroots Networks

Development & Culture in Haiti

Identity & Social Movements

Social Documentary

Intercultural Relations and International Law

Nationalism & Identity

Religion, Politics &  Identity

Cultural Frames and Public Health

Modernity: Communication & Culture


Public diplomacy

US Public Diplomacy Post 9/11

Russia and the Media

Cold War Public Diplomacy

Algeria, Nigeria, & Ethiopia

Extreme Nationalism in Russia

Turkish Public Opinion

Middle East Diplomacy

Migration and Communication

South Korea's Emerging Globalization

Immigration & Education in Germany

Media in the Middle East

Media & Politics in Nigeria

Diplomacy and Exchange

Democracy in Burma?

Public Diplomacy and Entertainment

American Public Diplomacy

Foreign Public and Foreign Media

Non-State Actors in International Relations


Global and Social Media, Technology and Policy

Technology in Rural Nigeria

Policy and Broadband Development

Technology in Rural Nigeria

IFIA's Communications Campaigns

Internet & Civil Society

EU Audiovisual Policy

Communication Strategies for Water and Sanitation Projects

Global Digital Media and International Communication

Global Communications

Media and Censorship in North Africa


Information Communication Technology Development Initiatives in Africa

Information Communication Technologies and the Human Rights Movement


Global Health

Health Communication: Malaria

HIV/AIDS Knowledge in Asia

Cultural Frames and Public Health

Health Communication Material and the Internet



Zapatista's: Impact of Message

Organizing Integration

Community Based Sanitation

Communication in Conflict

How to Achieve Equality

Communication Strategies for Water and Sanitation Projects

Outsourcing Reconstruction?

SIS Skills Institutes

Intercultural Management Institute

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