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Intercultural and International Communication | SIS

Fellowship and Award Opportunities

Opportunities for Student Research and Funding

Grants and membership organizations are great ways to not only fund your masters research but also to add to your resume and make career connections.  Take advantage of some new opportunities!

There are lots of ways to get involved in the communications research community.  Some new opportunities include the Society for New Communications Research.  Find out more for information on volunteer fellowships and the possibility of future grants.

The IABC Research Foundation is a more established group that translates communication theory into practice and provides real-world knowledge and applications for communication professionals.  The organization funds and publishes research to advance the profession and demonstrate the value of communication in organizational effectiveness.  See their website for more information.

IAMCR has information on conference, publication opportunities, and other related announcements on communication research.  The Communication Initiative Network offers short articles and posts job announcements in communication for after graduation.

And for PhD students, the CRTNET listserv from NCA offers resources for finding academic jobs in communication as well as some funding possibilities.

Some other good resources to find external resources include:
The Commonwealth Fund (for health-related research)
The Ford Foundation
IREX offers research grants for graduate students interested in Southeast Europe and Eurasia to cover research and travel costs

And don’t forget to check out opportunities through SIS and AU, especially with the Office of Sponsored Programs.