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The 2015 IC Innovation Award

The Intercultural and International Communication Program Innovation Award provides IC graduate students and alumni in the Intercultural and International Communication Program with small grants of up to 500 dollars for an innovative idea that is helpful to communities, to individual students/alumni, to the IC program, and/or to the field of intercultural and international communication as a whole. These grants can focus on innovative projects, program initiatives, or research endeavors. Eligible Applicants: All currently enrolled SIS students pursing either the IC or the IM degree are eligible to apply. IC and IM alumni are also eligible and encouraged to apply. If teams of IC/IM current students and alumni apply together (which is highly encouraged), the team is eligible for double the grant amount (up to 1000 dollars).  Criteria for Selection: Applicants should prepare a (one page maximum) proposal that provides clear evidence of a well-planned and innovative idea, including the following: (a) a plan of action including the date of completion (a few steps will suffice), (b) an explanation of why this proposal is innovative, (c) an explanation of the benefits of this initiative, (d) a brief budget of reimbursable expenses, and (e) support from any faculty member in the IC program (if applicable but not required).

Amount of Award

Awards will be up to $500 dollars to be spent as outlined in the proposal. Awardees will be reimbursed on the basis of receipts. All costs must be reimbursable. These small grants are one-time only and are non-renewable.


The deadline for the application to receive a grant is April 20, 2015 at noon EST. All proposals should be submitted by email to Dr. Amanda Taylor at

For questions, contact

Amanda Taylor, IC Program Director,
Karen Ives, IC Program Coordinator, (202) 885-1621,


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