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Intercultural and International Communication | SIS

Recent Publications and Speaking Events

Intercultural and International Communication represent top scholars in the field. Below is a list of the activities of our faculty members, including publications and speaking events.

Professor Christine Chin

In April 2016, Professor Chin was honored with the SIS Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Research & Professional Contributions.

In August 2014, Professor Chin's new book Cosmopolitan Sex Workers was cited in the Economist article "Prostitution and the Internet."

Professor Derrick Cogburn

In June 2016, Professor Cogburn was featured in a Marketplace story about new mobile crowdsourcing apps that are pushing for greater accessibility for the disabled.

In March 2016, Professor Cogburn facilitated a discussion on "Measuring Disability Inclusion in the SDGs & CRPD with Big Data Analytics" as part of the Seminar Series on Disability, Development and Global Governance.

In 2016, Palgrave Macmillan Publishing published the book The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance, co-edited by Professor Cogburn with colleagues Nanette Levinson, Laura Denardis, and Francesca Musiani.

Professor Maria De Jesus

In October 2016, Professor De Jesus was invited to speak on "Using a community-based participatory research approach to examine a culturally appropriate m-Health technology intervention to increase uptake of mammography screening among low-income Hispanic women" at the 15th Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions Health Services Research Conference in Washington, DC.

In 2016, Professor De Jesus published, "How religiosity shapes health perceptions and behaviors of Latina immigrants: Is it an enabling or prohibitive factor?" in Psychology, Health, and Medicine, 21(1): 128-133.

In February 2016, Professor De Jesus, along with her colleagues, published "A One-Size-Fits-All HIV Prevention and Education Approach?: Interpreting Divergent HIV Risk Perceptions Between African American and East African Immigrant Women in Washington, DC Using the Proximate-Determinants Conceptual Framework" in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 43(2):78-83.

Professor Nanette Levinson

In 2016, Palgrave Macmillan Publishing published the book The Turn to Infrastructure in Internet Governance, co-edited by Professor Levinson with colleagues Derrick Cogburn, Laura Denardis, and Francesca Musiani.

In 2015, Professor Levinson, with MA student Kaitlin E. Davidson, published "Linking Trajectories: On-line Learning and Intercultural Exchanges" in International Journal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Vol. 9, No. 2, Article 3).

In 2015, Professor Levinson published "A tri-decennia view of knowledge transfer research: what works in diffusion and development contexts" in the Journal of International Communication (Volume 21, Issue 2).

Professor Randolph Persaud

In November 2016, Professor Persaud moderated a panel entitled Race in International Relations, which included Clarence Lusane, Jordanna Matlon, and James H. Mittelman.

In October 2016, Professor Persaud presented "You and Me Forever: The Shared Ancestry of Empire and the Burdens of Leaving" at the 2016 Millennium Conference – Racialized Realities in World Politics, hosted by the London School of Economics.

In May 2015, Professor Persaud co-authored the introduction to Special Issue: Race, De-coloniality and International Relations in Alternatives Global, Local, Political (40: 83-84). This piece was the third most-read article for July 2015 for this publication

Professor Amanda Taylor

In Spring 2017, Amanda Taylor's article "Putting Race on the Table: How Teachers Make Sense of the Role of Race in their Practice" will appear in the Harvard Educational Review.

Professor Shalini Venturelli

In September 2015, Professor Shalini Venturelli appeared on Sinclair Broadcast TV to speak about the progress the U.S. has made in equipping Afghanis going forward.

Professor Gary Weaver

In September 2015, Professor Weaver, with Dr. Kyoung-Ah Nam and Dr. Robert delMas, published "Major ethical issues in the field of intercultural relations: An exploratory study" in the International Journal of Intercultural Relations (Volume 48, pg 58–74).