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Faculty-Student Research

Field Research Abroad

Graduate Exchange with Sciences-Po: The International Communication Program has a special exchange program for graduate students with the distinguished Institut des Etudes Politiques (Sciences-Po) in Paris, France. In the heart of Paris, on the historic Rue Saint-Guillaume, students will study with top-caliber scholars and enjoy the experience of immersion studies. For more information, please see the SIS Abroad page.

Research Abroad

Students looking to study or conduct research abroad as a part of their IC program have the opportunity to apply for the Graduate Student Research Awards, granted twice annually to subsidize travel or conference costs. For more information, please see the Graduate Student Council site.

IC Faculty-Student Research Spotlight:  The Global Public Media Project

The GLOBAL PUBLIC MEDIA PROJECT (GPMP) at American University focuses on the role of online citizen media or public media in expanding the forces of civil society and the public sphere in countries around the world.  GPMP, under the leadership of Professor Shalini Venturelli of the IC Program, investigates public media initiatives in diverse cultural and social contexts in order to identify their impact on the capacity of civil society networks to advance social reform and social change.   Within developing countries and non-democratic societies, in particular, the project explores how independent public media initiatives in cyberspace enrich the local and national public spheres with new forms of information and knowledge with impact on traditional media and local and national public policy.  GPMP undertakes original international research and promotes collaboration with partners globally.  The project publishes new knowledge relevant to the research community, to international policymaking, and to online citizen media initiatives worldwide that seek to learn from international best practices across cultures and societies.

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