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Intercultural and International Communication | SIS


Located in Washington D.C., one of the world’s leading centers of international interaction, students have access to an array of unique internships and mentoring opportunities in the field of Intercultural and International Communication.

The Intercultural and International Communication Program, working with the SIS Career Center team and by arranging special workshops and skills seminars, provides opportunities for internships and training in the field of international and intercultural communication in the Washington, D.C. area as well as throughout the United States and overseas.

The Intercultural and International Communication program continues to be a vibrant center of intercultural training and international
communication orientation for a number of institutions and programs around the world.

Many international and intercultural communication institutions engaged in policy areas, regulatory or legal processes,
consulting activities, and training have provided internships and served as training grounds for the students of Intercultural and International Communication. Numerous information, media, telecommunications, and service-related corporations have provided special opportunities for IC students. These include:

  • UN Agencies including ILO, IOM, ITU, UNHCR
  • US Government including DOC, NASA, DOD, USAID, FCC, the State Department
  • International Education Organizations and Professional Associations: IIE, AED, Amideast, NAFSA
  • National and International Media: CNN, NBC, WAMU
  • Think Tanks including Council on Foreign Relations, CSIS, the Brookings Institution
  • Nongovernmental Organizations Around the World

Intercultural and International Communication graduates find diverse employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. Although government and public institutions remain important sources for employment, the growth of the information technology and information services sectors, media and multimedia enterprises, consulting companies, the importance of international and intercultural education, and the increasing significance of communication policies have generated expanding opportunities for private sector and non-governmental jobs. Employment opportunities include financial institutions, trade associations, telecommunications firms, multinational corporations, international and non-governmental organizations, media, communication and consulting firms, research institutions, and a range of cross-cultural and international exchange programs.