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Substantial Research Paper

The overall purpose of the Substantial Research Paper (SRP) is to require Masters students in the International Development Program to undertake a serious and sustained exercise in original research and writing, based either on secondary or primary material or both. More specifically, it is intended that students will enhance their research, analytical, and presentation capacities or skills through:

  • applying research methods and principles to an in-depth undertaking
  • relating research findings to major themes in both the ID program and in the area of concentration
  • planning and organizing material for a reasonably lengthy document
  • presenting findings thematically, clearly, logically and convincingly
  • drawing conclusions that not only include principal insights and themes, but also relate findings to selected themes in the program
  • sharing research experiences and findings with colleagues
  • preparing formal and effective oral presentations on their findings


Click here for AY 2014-2015 SRP guidelines.


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