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Daniel Tutt

Alumni Success Story

Alumni Highlight

Daniel Tutt SIS IPCR Alumnus Success Story

Daniel Tutt (MA/EPGA ’10) finds himself on a daily basis applying critical thinking skills and an expanded understanding of conflict and peace in his position as Outreach Director for Unity Productions Foundation.

Unity Productions Foundation is an independent media foundation dedicated to producing high-quality documentary films, created with the dual purpose of exciting and entertaining large American public television audiences. As Outreach Director, Tutt designs and implements educational outreach programs in classrooms, museums, community organizations and public institutions to develop measurable social change. He also represents the organization at national and international conferences and speaks on issues related to Islam in America, prejudice towards Muslims, and interfaith dialogue.

Reflecting on the best way for current IPCR students to ingratiate themselves into the job market, Tutt recommends, "…actively put yourself into the DC networking scene for whatever field you are looking to go into…Don’t be afraid to try out a smaller start up organization for your first internship. Many people have the feeling that they must go into big internships: on the Hill, with USIP, or World Bank, etc. I have found that smaller NGO’s often offer a greater amount of autonomy and independence."