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Education for Peace DC

The Localizing Peace Initiative in collaboration with the Center for Peacebuilding and Development has created Education for Peace DC (EPDC). This project works to analyze, foster, and grow education programs for peace in the Washington, DC metro region in order to make a more visible and collaborative local culture of peace education.


1. To map out trends in peace education across the DC community.

2. To identify important questions that are being asked and issues that are being addressed within the field locally.

3. To develop a collective narrative and articulation of the peace education work being down in DC.

4. To identify potential opportunities for peace education in DC, which may include: utilizing resources from local peace education initiatives, advocate for policy supporting and fostering peace education, engaging more effectively with national and international organizations working in the peace education field.

For a full outline of our mission statement, please see EPDC's Mission, Goals, and Scope.

little girl colors on the cover for Education for Change publication









Educating for Change: A Survey of Programs for Peace, Justice, and Diversity in the Washington, DC Area 

Published in November 2012, this research maps the peace education programs in the DC area covering 40 organizations, 11 schools, and 88 neighborhoods.