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Undergrad Semester Programs: Sookmyung Women's University

Photo of old building in Seoul, Korea

Since its founding by the Royal Family of King Go-Jong of the Chosun Era, Sookmyung Women's University (SWU) has played an important role in the history of Korean women, as Korea's first private college for women. The long-term development plan of the University is on educating leaders, professionals and service providers, who will take positions of leadership in the world of globalization, policy making and nationalization of women's education. Preceding all the other universities in the country, Sookmyung Women's University has equipped itself with wireless LAN on campus essential to the information age.

Every semester, Sookmyung Women's University hosts female and male exchange students from partner institutions around the world. American University's relationship with SWU began in April 2001. SWU has exchanged students with AU through undergraduate and graduate exchange, in addition, AU students and faculty participate in SWU's International Summer School (SISS) program each year.

The Office of External Affairs manages the exchange program for the university. Their staff is responsible for organizing visas, orientations, housing and class registration for the exchange students at SWU. American University students can chose from over 50 classes, conducted in English, each semester which will be transferred back to their degrees at AU. 

How to Apply

Application deadline for study in Spring 2013: TBA

NB: Students who wish to participate in this program must first submit an internal SIS application to the SIS Office of International Program Development. Students may not submit any applications or documents to SWU until after they have received instructions from SIS.

  1. Complete and submit the SIS Semester Abroad Program at UMB application to the SIS Office of International Program Development by the application deadline. Do not apply directly to SWU.
  2. After applications are processed and reviewed, students are selected for nomination to SWU.
  3. Upon nomination, students must complete and submit the SWU application for exchange students. The SWU application process also includes submission of several other documents.
  4. SWU makes the final admissions decision and corresponds directly with Program participants regarding course registration, accommodation, orientation programs, etc.

    The Program is competitive, and applying does not guarantee admission.

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Application Deadline for Study in Spring 2013