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Our Students

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Why did they come here?

“It seemed like a great fit. I could take business school classes but could really focus on what I love to do – which is to combine the business and social sectors in a new and exciting way. After looking at this program, a regular old MBA sounded boring.”

“I’m attracted to new ideas and novel things.”

“I have a strong desire to do. I’ve stood on the sidelines… now I want the skills to act on issues and events.”

“I feel strongly about using my business skills and background to make a real difference, and this is the best way I know how.”

“I honestly weighed for a long time whether or not going back to school was necessary and appropriate for what I wanted to do. It seems like every time you read about a new entrepreneur, they have succeeded not because of any education or degree, but on sheer genius, determination, wit and personality. I did come to realize, however, that going back to graduate school was not just about the degree. It is about learning and gaining experience in a field I care deeply about, building skills and practical tools, networking and meeting others just as passionate as I about social enterprise.”

“I applied to many, many different schools (including MPP, MA and MPA programs). However, I knew that the Social Enterprise program was the only program I actually WANTED to complete and would enjoy studying. It is completely relevant to my interests and I believe, the most supportive of my goals. I love that the program is practice oriented with the intention of giving us real-world (and not just theoretic) knowledge and experience.

What do they want to do when they graduate?

“I want to start an initiative within an existing organization – possibly in microfinance, possibly in the private sector.”

“I want to find a possible answer to poverty in my home country – social entrepreneurship.”

“I want to be the co-founder of a social enterprise.”

“I want to have a high position within an international development/women’s empowerment organization – or start my own nonprofit.”

“I want to redefine the social sector in Latin America - by introducing a new generation to a profession, social entrepreneurship, that hitherto been considered as the work of the privileged and idealistic.”

“I want to create a program that integrates applied knowledge and a sense of responsibility to the greater good in public school curricula. I’ve already drafted the business plan.”

“I want to use the power of business to accomplish positive, social good.”

Who are they?

The first entering class in the Social Enterprise masters program reflects the diversity of backgrounds and experiences we hope will always characterize this program. Our students have:

  • Cultural ties to places as widespread as Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam – and post-Katrina New Orleans.  Most have worked, volunteered, or studied abroad.
  • Undergraduate study at a broad range of schools including Connecticut College, the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Northwestern, Tulane, University of California, University of Texas, and Yale.
  • Experience at Ashoka and Grameen, law firms, Wall Street, an international foundation, a global professional services firm, a federal government agency, and several NGOs.