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Potential Areas for Private Sector Collaboration

Private sector companies operating in Pakistan have identified two significant gender gaps where the U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council can assist. Several companies have experienced the bottom line benefits of women’s inclusion, and multiple studies have affirmed women’s importance to national economic development*. Linking companies with the growing Council network can help Pakistan achieve potentially exponential returns over time through:

  • Hiring diversity initiatives that employ and advance more women; and
  • Supplier diversity initiatives that add more women’s businesses to supply chains.

A good number of companies operating in Pakistan have hiring goals in place, and are open to considering greater gender diversification among suppliers. Women-friendly practices are now being used to increase retention and re-entry at larger companies. However, most companies remain below their goals. 

*World Bank, UN, OSCE, ADB, Forbes and others.

Closing the Hiring Gap

Solutions may include:

  • Widening the qualified female candidate pool by accessing qualified candidates and recruiting through additional networks and databases;
  • Internships, mentoring and training that help close knowledge and skill gaps for high potential women job candidates (to take place prior to applying, or to be provided through on-the-job training), as well as programs that help women gain promotion into management and executive positions; and/or
  • Training and tools for local hiring officials that enable them to spot high potential female candidates likely to succeed if additional coaching, mentoring or training is provided.

The U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council can, through its network, help companies locate additional selective databases, trainers, and other resources able to help start or boost initiatives in these areas. For example, the Council can expand a company’s job candidate pool by linking them to new databases and networks, including the U.S. Embassy’s visit, study and exchange alumni network that contains both students and professionals, as well as networks or databases focused on science, technology, engineering and math (or other) sectors at academic institutions, NGOs and online employment firms in our network. 

Closing the Supplier Gap

Solutions may include:
  • Widening the candidate pool of competitive women-owned and managed business by accessing new networks and databases;
  • Focusing on services rather than manufacturing; and/or
  • Including and developing more small and medium women’s enterprises at lower tiers in the supply chain.

Linking to the Council’s network can help companies start or strengthen supplier diversity initiatives that support broader economic development as well as their bottom lines. Network members will link companies to small and medium women’s businesses that have been sharpened through world class capacity building programs sponsored by the U.S. government, academic institutions like LUMS and IBA, donors like the World Bank, and effective local partners.


  • Database of Women Entrepreneurs
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