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Events | U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security


The U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Program prides itself on bringing diverse and fascinating speakers to campus to discuss issues in foreign policy. Below are some of our most recent events. You can find more of our past events on our Events Archive Page.

To stay informed on our upcoming events, visit our Facebook Page. To hear audio of selected U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Program events, visit our YouTube channel.

Tom Long Discusses New Book

Tom Long Discusses New Book "Latin America Confronts the United States"

Former Professor Tom Long came to SIS to discuss the launch of his new book, "Latin America Confronts the United States," focusing on the dynamics of asymmetry in international relations in the foreign policies of Latin American states vis-a-vis the United States. After receiving his Ph.D at American University's SIS, Tom Long served briefly as a professor here. He is now a lecturer at the University of Reading, and has been a visiting professor in International Relations at the Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas in Mexico City.

Mission Creep Book Launch

Shoon Murray and Gordon Adams "Mission Creep" Book Launch

Professor Shoon Murray and Gordon Adams had a talk regarding the launch of their new book, "Mission Creep: The Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy?". This book examines the question of whether the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has assumed too large a role in influencing and implementing U.S. foreign policy. After the Cold War, and accelerating after September 11, the United States has drawn upon the enormous resources of DoD in adjusting to the new global environment and challenges arising from terrorism, Islamic radicalism, insurgencies, ethnic conflicts, and failed states.

Panel discussion on American Diplomacy




"Is American Diplomacy at Risk?"



On September 14th, 2015, the US Foreign Policy and National Security program hosted a panel to discuss the recent American Academy of Diplomacy's report, American Diplomacy at Risk. Panelists included president of the AAD, Ambassador Ronald Neumann, the Dean of the Leadership and Management School of the Foreign Service, Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, and American University Professor Dr. Charles Call, who served as a senior advisor in the State Department from 2012-2014.

Panel discussion on A Contemporary Cuba Reader

"A Contemporary Cuba Reader: The Revolution under Raúl Castro" with Dr. Phillip Brenner, Director of USFP Program and Dr. William LeoGrande, School of Public Affairs Professor

In December of 2014, the U.S. Foreign Policy Program hosted two American University professors to discuss the updated edition of their book, A Contemporary Cuba Reader: The Revolution under Raúl Castro. This book explores Cuba in familiar detail from the rise of Castro in 2006 to the present day. It touches on the new economic challenges Cuba faces with its loss of preferential trade with the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc following the fall of European Communism.

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ronald E. Neumann

Afghanistan's Future: What Should the U.S. Do?

In October 2014, The U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security Program brought in former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ronald E. Neumann to speak about the recently contested presidential elections and the future of U.S. policy in the country.

Amb. Thomas Pickering

Improving the Relationship Between the U.S. and Iran with Ambassador Thomas Pickering

Ambassador Pickering has had a career spanning five decades as a U.S. diplomat. He is the founder of the Iran Project which seeks to improve the relationship between Iran and the U.S. He has served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Russia, India, Israel, Nigeria, Jordan and El Salvador. He holds the personal rank of Career Ambassador, the highest in the U.S. Foreign Service. He has also been Executive Secretary, Special Assistant to Secretaries of State William Rogers and Henry Kissinger, and Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Oceans, Environmental and Scientific Affairs. Listen to Ambassador Pickering's full visit here.

Amb. Barbara Bodine
The U.S. and the Arab Gulf States: Allies, Friends or Frenemies? with Ambassador Barbara Bodine

Ambassador Bodine's over 30 years in the US Foreign Service were spent primarily on Arabian Peninsula and greater Persian Gulf issues, specifically US bilateral and regional policy, strategic security issues, counterterrorism, and governance and reform.

She currently teaches courses on the Persian Gulf at Princeton University and is the head of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University.

usfp, Daniel S. Markey
No Exit from Pakistan: America's Tortured Relationship with Islamabad

Daniel S. Markey, Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations, discussed his new book No Exit from Pakistan: America's Tortured Relationship with Islamabad with a packed room of SIS students and faculty.


Egypt's New Upheavals and the U.S. Response

Greg Aftandilian, Senior Fellow for the Middle East at the Center for National Policy and Associate of the Middle East Center at UMass-Lowell, spoke with SIS students about the United States' complex relationship with Egypt in the wake of recent upheavals. Prior to his current position, Aftandilian worked as foreign policy advisor for Congressman Chris Van Hollen, as a Senior Advisor and consultant for Middle East Affairs at the National Democratic Institute, as a professional staffer and foreign policy advisor to U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes, as a Political-Military Analyst on Middle East affairs for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and as a Regional Economist and Middle East Analyst at the U.S. Department of State.

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