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Faculty Films

School of Communication professor Chris Palmer has spent 25 years spent producing original programming for prime-time television and the large-format film industry.
Chris Palmer

Highlights from Chris Palmer's IMAX films

For more films, please visit Palmer's IMDB page.

SOC CEF Reel Whales


Experience the vast underwater world of one of the ocean's largest animals.



Dive underwater in the warm Carribbean with a young marine biologist as she learns the secrets of the wild dolphins.


Wolves This film examines the world of wolves and the their journey to near extinction.


Experience the exhilaration of seeing a half-ton grizzly bear in the wild. People of all ages are now daring to get closer then ever before to one of the worlds largest predators.


India: King of the Tiger

The film takes a look at the daily lives of Bengal Tigers, bringing these wonderful creatures and their breathtaking environment to life. 


Coral Reef Adventure

Follow the expedition of two ocean explorers and underwater filmmakers as they guide us to the islands and sun-drenched waters of the South Pacific to document the health and beauty of the coral reefs.

Maggie Stogner

Highlights from Stogner's films

Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures

Stogner's production company, Blue Bear Films, produced the award-winning films and animation for the extraordinary "Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures" exhibition, which has traveled around the country and is currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Learn more about the exhibit.


Tutankhamun: The Golden King and Great Pharaohs

Stogner's company produced the high-definition films narrated by Harrison Ford, animated labels and more for this exhibition, bringing artifacts from 3,000 years of ancient Egypt to the United States for the first time ever. Learn more about the exhibit.