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COMM 438: Techniques and Aesthetics of Editing

Course Description

This course surveys the editing aesthetics and techniques used in fiction, documentary, and experimental film and video. This includes: Soviet montage, classical Hollywood style, discontinuity, associational, spatial montage, and contemporary narrative. Through a series of exercises, students develop editing strategies for both narrative and non-narrative work. Students receive in-class and written critiques examining the development of each editing exercise. Students edit the final project using their choice of editing strategies covered in class. Projects develop with increasing complexity and enable students to apply their ideas about editing to the material in order to develop their own style and aesthetic.

Work from the Class

SOC Dan Death

Dr. Dan, the Death Man

An excerpt from a short documentary that profiles "Dr. Dan, the Death Man" a pioneer in the field of death education, who now confronts his own death as he faces terminal cancer. Watch the video.