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Satement on Diversity

School of Communication Statement on Diversity

The School of Communication (SOC) is committed to creating an environment that welcomes and nurtures diversity in all aspects, including diversity within the SOC student body, faculty, curriculum and  teaching, creative, scholarly and professional activity, and service. To realize this goal, the School had formulated this diversity plan.


As stated in the Strategic Plan, "American University embraces diversity in its broadest sense, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, disability, socioeconomic standing, and intellectual viewpoint."

The School of Communication's commitment to diversity is based upon recognition of the following principles:

1) A diverse academic community directly contributes to the quality of higher education.

2) The United States and the world are diverse environments, and students must be academically and socially prepared to live and work successfully in these environments.

3) A commitment to diversity is based on respect for each person's value as a human being and as a member of society.

4) In turn, respect for diversity contributes directly to individual growth, perspectives and abilities.

5) Talented individuals come from every background, and the School can realize its academic mission only by drawing its students and faculty from a diverse population.

6) This plan is adopted in the context of the sincere desire and intent to overcome the lack of progress by the academy - and the professions we serve- to achieve adequate levels of diversity, despite longstanding efforts to address the issue through a variety of well-intentioned initiatives.