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Current Students: Study Abroad - SOC Process

Study abroad is a privilege that requires a significant amount of planning and responsibility on the part of the student. Below are the steps required for all SOC students.  

The first step is to decide where you want to study abroad. The AU Abroad web site can help with that.  

Once you‘ve decided where to go, you should begin the application process. One part of that process is the Academic Advisor Authorization. Before SOC advisors will complete the authorization, you need to meet with your advisor and complete the Study Abroad Pre-Approval form. You should print and read this form and bring it with you to your advising appointment.

At your SOC advisor appointment, the following will be covered:

  • Discussion of study abroad
  • Creation of 4 year plan
  • Student and advisor sign Pre-approval form

Once the Pre-Approval form is completed, you will provide the authorization form to your advisor and then submit the study abroad application.

Once accepted, you will choose your courses. In order for your abroad courses to appear on your AU transcript, you must complete and submit course equivalencies for all courses. The AU Abroad office will provide you with more information on this. We prefer for students to complete the equivalency form prior to departure; however, sometimes schedules change once you are abroad. If that happens be sure to use the online course equivalency.

When the add/drop period ends at your abroad institution, you should send a final list of your courses to AU Abroad and your SOC advisor.