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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Programs


Current AU undergraduate students have the option to apply for admission to a Masters programs in the School of Public Affairs as a combined program applicant while still enrolled in their undergraduate degree program. Students interested in admission to a combined Bachelor's & Master's program must:

  1. Meet with an SPA undergraduate advisor to discuss SPA master's degree options and eligibility for the combined bachelor's/master's program. Appointments can be made through the online scheduler or by calling (202)-885-6200.
  2. Complete 75 (minimum) to 90 (maximum) undergraduate credits to be eligible to apply for combined bachelor's/master's admission.
  3. Meet with the SPA Graduate Advisor for the specific master's degree program which interests you to learn more about the requirements for the master's degree, the timing to enter and complete the program, and the application process.
  4. Prepare and submit the SPA graduate application for bachelor's/master's admission. The application is available on the SPA Graduate Admissions webpage. The GRE exam is not required for bachelor's/master's applicants. The graduate application fee is waived, as well.

Please note that the application for bachelor's/master's admission will typically be submitted early in the student's second semester junior year (when the student has completed 75-90 credits). Students who are admitted to the program will enroll in approved graduate level classes during their senior year which will count for both bachelor's and master's degree requirements. Speak with your advisor about the timing to apply for and begin the program based on the number of credits your have completed.

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