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Department of Justice, Law & Criminology


  • SPA Justice,Law / Criminology
    Fax: 202-885-2907
    Ward, Room 270

    Anna Castro,
    Administrative Assistant

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Combined BA/MS in Justice, Law & Criminology

Admission to the Program

This program enables students to complete the BA and the MS in five years. Undergraduate students with majors in justice or related disciplines at the American University apply to this program through the Office of Graduate Affairs and Admissions according to its deadlines, but no later than the last undergraduate semester. Admissions decisions are based on the normal MS standards and procedures of the school.

Course Requirements

  • All requirements for the BA in Justice, BA in Law and Society, or related discipline at American University
  • All requirements for the MS in Justice, Law and Criminology
  • Undergraduate students may apply up to 9 hours of approved graduate level course work to satisfy the requirements for both degrees