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Admission for PPL Scholars


SPA: PPL Scholars
(202) 885-6218

Chris Edelson

SPA: PPL Scholars
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
2018 PPL Class at the Pentagon

All students interested in joining the Politics, Policy, and Law Scholars Program should apply to American University/School of Public Affairs, adhering to all application deadlines and requirements. In addition to the application, PPL Scholar applicants must complete the PPL Scholars Program Application.

The PPL Scholars Program is a rigorous accelerated course of study designed for outstanding entering freshmen passionate about creating meaningful change in the world. Students admitted to this program will take full advantage of the undergraduate experience, while earning a bachelor of arts in three years with opportunities for possible further study.

To be considered for the PPL Scholars Program, please complete the PPL Scholars Program Application by the appropriate admission deadline (by the January 10 priority PPL Scholars Program application deadline).

Please note that this is a separate application from your admissions application. It is possible that you may be accepted for admission to American University but not to the PPL Scholars Program. Your admissibility into the PPL Scholars Program will have no adverse affect on your admission to the university.

Current AU/SPA students are not eligible to apply for admission into the PPL Scholars Program, as the program is designed for incoming freshmen.

Become a PPL Scholar

In order to be considered for the PPL Scholars program, you'll submit the PPL Scholars application form in addition to your AU application, adhering to the same deadlines.

For more information please email

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