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Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research


Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research
SPA 202-885-6454
Fax: 202-885-6536

Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016


American University

The Institute provides a space for researchers and policymakers to interact and acts as a catalyst to promote collaborative research. The Institute is an informational resource as well, helping to disseminate the lessons of policy research to those most able to put them into practice.

In support of this goal, WIPAR:

  • sponsors speakers and conferences;
  • disseminates key findings in the field of public affairs research;
  • helps organize research teams;
  • assists in identifying resources and support, and works with researchers to refine and advance their research programs;
  • supports regular seminars for researchers;
  • helps investigators to address the challenges of their present projects; and
  • trains promising scholars in the process of public affairs research.

How to submit a proposal through the Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research (.pdf)

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