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It is impossible to deny the substantial progress women have recently made in government and politics. Over the course of the last 30 years alone, the number of women in Congress has more than tripled. . .

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A Year in Review

The Women & Politics Institute continued to make great strides to close the gender gap in 2014 and 2015. Whether it was election commentary in the fall of 2014 or the release of Jen's new book in the spring of 2015, there was seldom a quiet moment around the office. As 2016 begins, we offer you the chance to look back at some of our favorite moments of the past two years.

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Can Hillary beat the rap with a good week in Philly?

In this recent interview, Jen comments on the importance of those who represent Hillary Clinton in her campaign.

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Bill Clinton Counters The Greatest Criticisms Of His Wife In DNC Speech

Jen comments on Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC.

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You don’t have to be with Hillary Clinton to appreciate this moment

Jen comments on Hillary Clinton becoming the first female presidential nominee for a major party.

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The barriers that broke Hillary Clinton to be the first woman at the gates of the US presidency

Jen comments on the criticisms of Hillary Clinton's political career.

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Can Green Party's Jill Stein win over Sanders supporters?

Jen comments on whether or not Bernie Sanders' supporters will support a third-party candidate.

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