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Success Stories

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Success Stories

  • Washington Semester program alum Cassandra Baker

    Experiential Learning Creates a New Career Path

    Washington Semester Program alum Cassandra Baker used her experience in the program to embark on an unexpected career path.

  • Jason Mumma

    Creating a Platform for Growth

    Graduate Gateway alum Jason Mumma used his experience in the program to launch an international career.

  • Graduate Gateway Program alumna Ginny Coats

    From Dramatic Arts to Public Policy

    A theatre and political science major during undergrad, Ginny needed a launching pad to get her on the path to a career in public policy.

  • Graduate Gateway alumna Hannah McCarthy

    A Splendid "Gateway" Between Traditional & New Media

    Hannah found the Graduate Gateway Program to be an ideal buffer between her undergraduate studies & her long-term career goals.

  • Alumni Ray Collins

    Alumni: Ray Collins

    I was spinning my wheels at my college--and felt like I needed a change. I knew since I was ten years old I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, but I felt I wasn't getting enough of a challenge on campus.

  • SPExS Alum Will Casey

    Alumni: Will Cusey

    As part of WSP, I attended Congressional hearings, heard from prominent speakers, engaged in political discussions, analyzed our governmental structure, and discovered the complex nature of DC’s political process.