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Washington Semester Program| Journalism Sample Seminar Topics


Seminar Topics

How Television News is Adapting to the Digital Age
How to cover Wars and Natural Disasters
How to Cover National Security
The Role of Huffington Post in the New Media
How Newspaper Reporters are Adapting to the Digital Age
How to Investigate a Politician
Sirius-XM Radio and its affect on the Radio Business
The New Journalism Business Model of Bloomberg
Journalism Ethics in a Changing Media
How Philanthropy Media is Filling the Need for Investigative Reporting
Cover Politics in and Election Year
How to be a Hard-Core Journalist and Still Have a Life
How Social Media is Changing Journalism
Looking At Washington as a Foreign Correspondent
How to Cover the White House
How Al Jazeera Offers an Alternative View of the World

Quote from student

"It was like a never ending feast for my curiosity"
Yvonne Knaus
Journalism Student