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Washington Semester Program| Journalism Sample Speakers


Sample Speakers

Bob Schieffer, CBS News
Donna Leinwand, USA Today
J.J. Green, WTOP Radio
Tom Hamburger, Los Angeles Times
Ryan Grim, Huffington Post
Jerry Kammer and Marc Stern, Pulitzer Prize winners
Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times
Bob Edwards, Sirius-XM Radio
John Bredar, National Geographic
Andrew Noyes, Facebook
Andrea McCarren, WUSA-TV
Ken Strickland, NBC
Keith Epstein, Center for Public Integrity
Michael Isikoff, Newsweek
Ed Henry, Fox News
Neil Klopfenstein, Foreign Press Center
Andy Alexander, Washington Post
Mike Tackett, Bloomberg
Jim VandeHei, Politico
Camille El Hassani, Al Jazeera English

Quote from student

"It was like a never ending feast for my curiosity"
Yvonne Knaus
Journalism Student