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Washington Semester Program| Middle East & World Affairs Sample Seminar Topics

Middle East & World Affairs Program participants visit Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, which features ancient Christian and Islamic art and architecture


• Islam, the West and September 11: From a Clash of Civilizations to a Dialogue of Civilizations

• Mainstream vs. extremist Islamic politics

• Reconciling Islam and democracy

• Muslim immigrants and citizenship in Western countries

• Non-Violence and the Arab Spring

• The Ground-Zero Mosque controversy

• Muslim perceptions of the U.S.

• Islamic approaches to peace and conflict resolution

• The rise of Islamic parties and world conflict and peace

• Arab-Israeli peacemaking

• Ethnic conflicts and peacemaking in divided societies

• Peaceful Interpretations of Jihad

Quote from our student

"The Middle East & World Affairs Program allowed me to focus on my greatest interests. The combination of the seminar, guest speakers, overseas trip, and internship gave me a valuable and comprehensive experience I could not have found anywhere else." Sara Vakulskas, Santa Clara University