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Washington Semester Program| Middle East & World Affairs Sample Speakers

Middle East & World Affairs Program participants visit Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, which features ancient Christian and Islamic art and architecture


• Congressman Dennis Kucinich

• Hoda Nonoo, Bahraini Ambassador to the United States

• Yasser El-Naggar, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Egypt in Washington

• Saad Hayel Al-Sorour, Jordan’s Minister of Interior (domestic security)

• Ertugrul Uslu, head of Konya AKP, the ruling party in Turkey

• Serhat Aksen, Head of Americas Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey

• Sami El-Nibr, Head of Negotiations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jordan

• Ambassador Gaafar Allaganey, former Saudi Arabian Representative to the UN

• Mamdouh Al-Abbadi, Jordanian Member of Parliament

• Nariman al-Rousan, Jordanian Member of Parliament

• Mona Markram-Ebeid, former Member of Parliament and al-Wafd Party candidate to the 2010 parliamentary election in Egypt

• Stephen Grand, Director, U.S. Relations with the Islamic World, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

• Gamal Abd Al-Gawad, Director of Al-Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, Cairo

• Hamdy El-Sayed, Member of Parliament in Egypt and President of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate

• Islam Lutfi, Founder of Egyptian Mainstream Party and leader of the Youth Coalition of the January 25th Revolution

• Emre Celik, President of the Rumi Forum, Washington, D.C.

• Father Nabil Haddad, Executive Director, Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center

• Amal Hamada, Center for Dialogue of Civilizations and Intercultural Studies, Cairo University

• Sayyid Muhammad Syeed, National Director of the Office for Interfaith & Community Alliances of the Islamic Society of North America

• Suhail M. Khan, Board Member of the American Conservative Union and Senior Fellow for Christian-Muslim Understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement

• Haris Tarin, Director of Washington, DC Office of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

• Mahasen Al-Jaghoub, Director of Center for Women Studies, Jordan University

• Ghada Shabendar, Secretary General of the Egyptian Organization of Human Rights

• Zainab al-Suwaij, Executive Director, American Islamic Congress

• Norman Kurland, Center for Economic and Social Justice

Quote from our student

"The Islam & World Affairs Program allowed me to focus on my greatest interests.  The combination of the seminar, guest speakers, overseas trip, and internship gave me a valuable and comprehensive experience I could not have found anywhere else." Sara Vakulskas, Santa Clara University