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Innovation Resources

Innovation Resources

  • Search for readings ranging from tools to be more personally innovative, to conceptual frameworks, to applied innovation.
  • Link to the best Web sites for access to taped speakers, tools, and techniques for deliberate creativity, worldwide conferences, thought leadership, and more.
  • Challenge yourself by doing Lateral Thinking puzzles.
  • Read quotes on innovation. 


75 Quotes about Creativity and Innovation

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Puzzle A Puzzle B Puzzle C

Solution A Solution B Solution C

Web sites

Listing of useful Web sites

YouTube Videos

"Riddle: Where does the extra man come from?"

1 min. 36 secs.
If you like puzzles, riddles, or brain teasers then you are watching the right video.

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"Where Good Ideas Come From" by Steven Johnson

4 mins. 07 secs.
One of our most innovative, popular thinkers takes on-in exhilarating style-one of our key questions: Where do good ideas come from?
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"The Innovation Cycle"

2 mins. 43 secs.
This video provides you with reason as to why an individual should care about innovation and its importance.

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"Wheels of Innovation"

45 secs.
This is one of the five grand prize winners in the national contest (Voices of Innovation) for High School students. It took three weeks in all to draw the images on a computer and piece it together. The movie shows how one person made the first wheel and how it evolved to fit different vehicles until finally it is used in the future on Mars.
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"Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass" Rube Goldberg Machine Official Version

3 mins. 54 secs.
The official video for the recorded version of "This Too Shall Pass" off of the album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The "machine" was designed and built by the band, along with members of Syyn Labs ( ) over the course of several months.
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How Can You Be Creative Everyday?

10:00 mins
This video presents views of different people on the ways they express their creativity on their everyday life. It is a project for the class CRS 625: Current Issues of Creativity Research; at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.

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Free Mobile Apps


B Folders - Sync and Secure

B-Folders is a new solution for secure management of personal and business information on multiple computers and mobile devices without using any Web or cloud services.

Mind Map Memo

Easy and quick Mind Map editor. You can draw Mind Map like drawing on a paper.

Sticky Note- Cork&Orc

Efficient & easy way to take notes [visual sticky note]. Perfect for making ToDo notes or visualizing ideas/ brainstorming.


ThinkWiseM is a viewer for ThinkWise mind map documents (.twd), allowing freedom to view your mind maps anywhere and capture your thoughts. 1. View your ThinkWise mind maps stored in your smartphone or tablet, 2. View your ThinkWise mind maps stored online

Dianoid Lite

Diagram editor for Android phones and tablets. Create diagrams, flowcharts, mind-maps and sketches quickly and easily. Drag and drop elements - rectangles, diamonds, circles, text blocks to diagram editor area and customize it. Select free-hand tool for freehand sketching.

Smart Diagram Lite

Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making to Android.
Organize ideas and thoughts with clear diagrams. You can note down your flash ideas with Flow Chart, Tree Diagram, Mind Map, etc.


A searchable, annotated bibliography of 55 suggested readings.

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