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University Awards

Innovation & Change Award

This award is given to a staff member or group who used creativity appropriately to develop new or improve processes, methods, systems, products, or services and encouraged others to do the same. This award is given to those who made innovation a priority among team members and encouraged reasonable and calculated risk taking and as a result improved the university and made AU a better place to live and work.


Demonstrated a combination of the following:
  • Considered situations and problems from novel and diverse perspectives; addressed challenges in an innovative manner
  • Developed imaginative ideas to drive the organization forward; came up with creative, new ways of doing things
  • Produced a wide range of suggestions when presented with a problem or challenge
  • Questioned existing assumptions and beliefs; encouraged people to think or alternative ways of doing things
  • Clearly defined requirements and resources needed to implement new ideas; approached innovation with a practical, task-oriented mindset
  • Considered constraints that limited innovation; worked within constraints to create novel approaches; found ways to make the most out of existing resources; separated critical requirements from nice-to-haves to create workable solutions
  • Converted ideas from general concepts into action plans; swiftly moved from ideas to implementation
  • Viewed ideas and suggestions from a pragmatic, user-oriented perspective; effectively determined if ideas would work in operation