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Fine Arts (BFA)

Offered by the Department of Art, College of Arts and Sciences.

Admission to the Program

Formal admission to the program is subject to the approval of a portfolio, evaluation of the academic record, and a personal interview. Admission depends entirely on faculty action resulting from this review. Consideration for the BFA is permitted only after 18 credit hours or three semesters of studio work have been completed at American University but before beginning the senior year.

  • 120 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better
  • Completion of college writing requirement
  • Completion of university mathematics requirement

General Education Requirements

  • A total of ten courses, consisting of two courses from each of the five foundational areas
  • At least one course from Area Five: The Natural and Mathematical Sciences must include a laboratory science component
  • No more than two courses may be taken in the same discipline

Major Requirements

  • 72-73 credit hours with grades of C or better
  • Areas of Specialization: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installation, or Multimedia

Course Requirements

Area of Specialization

Complete one of the following:

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Installation

Required (45 credit hours)
Additional Courses (24 credit hours)

Complete 24 credit hours from the following including 18 credit hours from the student's area of specialization and 6 credit hours from another area:

Art History (3 credit hours)
  • 3 credit hours in art history (ARTH)


Required (49 credit hours)
6 credit hours from the following:
9 credit hours from the following:
9 credit hours from the following:

Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

American University offers students the opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees through its combined bachelor's/master's programs. See Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degrees for more information.