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Undergraduate Business Programs

We are big fans of studying business here at Kogod. Bias? Well maybe, but in our opinion business is everywhere, so studying business takes us everywhere. 

Think about your favorite local coffee shop as a chance for us to talk a little "business." The coffee, the décor, the products, the staff, the brand, the location...and the list goes on. Each of these elements of your local shop is a whole topic of conversation and study within the business school. 

Every organization needs smart people who can solve problems and make good decisions. By focusing on business in college, you will graduate with a set of skills that allow you to pursue a career in any field. Business isn't about choosing, it's about adding. Adding value to what you already know and opening doors to ideas you haven't even considered yet.

And whether you geek out on numbers or shudder at the thought, Kogod is full of opportunity. Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration lets you pursue a whole range of specializations and still have plenty of time to enjoy college life.

Love languages and travel? Be sure to check out our Business, Language & Culture degree that sends you around the world and back again. Ready to take on the music industry by storm? Check out how the Business & Entertainment degree can set you on the right path. Already prepping for that CPA? You’re ready to dive in to our new accounting degree.

Go on, check out Kogod and see why your future is in business.

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Kogod Summer Institute

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Just for high schoolers, this summer camp is all about sports entrepreneurship and entertainment.

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Choose from over 100 study or intern abroad programs in over 20 countries across the world.

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