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AU Honors | Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid

The best and most complete information about financial aid at American University can be found through the Office of Financial Aid, but this page describes in broad strokes the financial aid picture for Honors students.

Merit Scholarships

The merit scholarships that Honors students receive vary based on how and when they enter the Honors Program.

  • Students who entered the 1989 iteration of the Honors Program as first-year or transfer students received merit scholarships.
  • Students who entered the 1989 program as self-nominees continue with whatever aid package they have, if any; they do not receive an additional merit award.
  • First-year students entering the Honors Program in 2016 receive a guaranteed $30,000 undergraduate merit award each year.

Need-Based Aid

All students receiving merit scholarships remain eligible for need-based aid. To apply need-based aid, see the Financial Aid website.

Keeping Your Scholarship

In order to keep a merit scholarship, students must make satisfactory academic progress each year. The definition of satisfactory academic progress can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Scholarship Appeals

Students who are not making satisfactory academic progress will be notified in writing of the loss of aid eligibility. Students with extenuating circumstances may submit an appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Office to request a reinstatement of financial aid. Students who receive such a notice should contact the Honors Office so that we can help. Please contact directly the director of the Honors Program.