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Student Honors Board

Members of the Student Honors Board (SHB) represent Honors students, together serve as a liaison to the Honors Program Director and staff, and plan events, service projects and other activities for the entire Honors community to enjoy. 

SHB activities have included philanthropic events such as the Thanksgiving dinner, social events such as the spring barbecue and the alumni-student networking reception, and community service initiatives such as a DC Central Kitchen volunteer day. SHB holds weekly meetings during the school year which are open to all Honors students. Selection of SHB members is by election, held each spring and fall semester.

Executive Board

  • President: Matthew Waskiewicz
  • Vice President: Benjamin Goldstein
  • Secretary: Kyle Graczyk
  • Director of Communications: Austin Morgan

2015-2016 SHB Members

  • Fifi Baleva
  • Emily Dalgo
  • Ben Goldstein
  • Kyle Graczyk
  • Emily Hanson
  • Austin Morgan
  • Dennis Murphy
  • Kaitlyn Ross
  • Jake Stone
  • Matthew Waskiewicz


The Student Honors Board holds two separate elections during the academic year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The spring elections are held during the first full week of April to fill eight open seats for the following school year. Fall elections are held during the first full week of fall semester to fill the remaining five open seats on the board for that school year.

Members elected in the spring serve a one-year term ending when the following spring term ends. These members hold an internal election for the available executive board positions during that period. Spring election winners are eligible to serve as officers on the executive board, including as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and director of communications.

Any members elected to SHB in the fall election, however, will not have an internal officer election, as those positions will already have been filled during the previous spring elections. All elected members are full-fledged members of the board whose terms shall also expire at the end of the spring semester of that school year. Should an executive board position remain unfilled from the spring elections, members elected in the fall are eligible to fill the vacancy by appointment after they are successfully elected to the board.