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AU and University Honors | Teaching Honors Sections

In designing an Honors section of a course, professors should take advantage of the small class size, the higher expectations, and students' increased ability to deliver.

The small class size makes discussion easier and allows for more group work, class presentations, and other high impact pedagogical practices. Faculty can develop more innovative teaching practices in these courses which they can then bring into their regular sections.

While faculty expect all AU students to be motivated and engaged, faculty teaching Honors sections should feel particularly confident that their students have read the assigned material. These students are ready to be challenged, and thus faculty can start the discussion on a higher level.

For their part, Honors students arrive in class looking not for more work—more books and longer papers—but for deeper opportunities to explore and understand the material. It is the quality of intellectual work that Honors students seek out.

Faculty should challenge students to write and research on a high level, even in lower-level courses. Honors students should be directed to the Writing Center, the Academic Support Center, and the library to develop their skills in writing, information and quantitative literacy, and research.

The Honors Office is happy to support Honors sections by arranging guest speakers and special events.