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American University on iTunes U

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AU on iTunes U provides access to a wide range of American University related digital audio content via the iTunes Store, Apple’s popular online music, video, and podcast service.

American University on iTunes U is sponsored by the University Library. For more information, please send us an e-mail at To learn more about Apple's iTunes U program, visit Apple's iTunesU site.

Quickstart Guide

iTunes is a fun and easy way to organize and play your favorite music, shows and movies. Now, it's possible to enhance your educational experience with your iTunes library through recordings from American University. From there, you'll be able to create custom playlists, sync to your iPod, burn CDs, or even share content with others on your network.

Ready. Set. Get started in four simple steps:

  1. Go to and download iTunes for either Macintosh or Windows.
  2. Double click on the downloaded Installer file and follow the instructions provided.
  3. Restart your computer and launch iTunes.
  4. Select 'iTunes U' within the iTunes Store to find American University, or go directly to American University's iTunesU site.

Find it. Get Organized. Here are some helpful tips:
The Search box in the top righthand corner of the iTunes window will search the entire iTunes Store, including content from American University. For more help using iTunes, please visit Apple's how to video page.


What is iTunes and iTunesU?

iTunes is a free digital media organization application designed by Apple and can be downloaded to a Mac or PC. It manages and plays digital music and video on any user’s computer. It syncs media with iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. iTunes is also an online store that allows anyone who has iTunes on their computer to purchase music, and video and other forms of digital entertainment.

iTunesU is a new subset application through iTunes. iTunesU uses the existing iTunes Music Store to allow for the distribution of educational media for students and faculty throughout the globe. With an iTunesU site educational institutions have a single home for all the digital content they have created, which can then be easily downloaded and viewed and stored on any Mac, PC, and other digital media storage devices. To download iTunes for your computer, click here:

What does Academic Multimedia Services do?

The Academic Multimedia Services (AMS) is a service provided to the faculty and students of American University through the University Library. The mission of the AMS team is to offer AU faculty and students an increased interactive experience with teaching and learning beyond the classroom by utilizing media on a number of platforms, such as iTunesU, Blackboard, and other web-based mediums.

How do I get Academic Multimedia Services to record a lecture, guest speaker, or special event?

Requests for Academic Multimedia Services can be made through the Academic Multimedia Services Coordinator, Scott O’Beirne, (202) 885-3698 or via e-mail at

What is required of the guest speaker or people participating in the event?

AMS cannot move forward on any request to record an event unless any and all participants have signed the appropriate release forms. The signed release form gives AMS permission to use the likeness of the participant(s) and post the media file to the appropriate distribution outlets, such as the American University website and/or iTunesU.

There are three release forms for different purposes: The Guest Speaker Consent Form
 needs to be signed by all outside parties not affiliated with American University. The AU Likeness Release Form needs to be signed by American University faculty, staff and students participating in the event. (This does not include members of the audience.) Lastly, the iTunes Submitter License is needed when any speaker whether internal to American University or external provides intellectual content, such as a PowerPoint presentation, graphic, document, film, video or other file that will be incorporated into the podcast that is being created by Academic Multimedia Services. Since Academic Multimedia Services or American University does not own any content collected for the production of podcasts, we need the copyright holders permission to use their original material.

How soon should I request iTunesU to record an event?

All AMS requests for recoding an event, lecture or interview must be made at least two weeks prior to the date of the event, or as soon as the event is scheduled within the requesting department. All requests are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio or video file that is an episodic, downloadable, program-driven content that is distributedover the Internet for playback on a media storage device or a personal computer. Podcasts often run in a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication.

Can I use the podcast for my personal website or for class use?

Yes, absolutely. The University library and AMSencourages the use of media to enhance class participation and increase student engagement in the classroom. With the use of iTunesU, Professors are able to make links to podcasts on their wikis, webpages and blackboard classes to supplement and enhance their course materials. There is a wealth of resources on iTunesU, which is not limited to the academic content on American University’s site. Simply searching on iTunesU will provide significant content for any professor who wishes to supplement course lectures with additional content.

Where will the podcast be posted on iTunesU?

AU’s iTunesU main page has many albums that allow for the proper placement of podcasts relevant to its content. The AMS team will make sure that all podcasts are placed in the appropriate album. The AMS team is able to create new albums for future variations of content, such as individual course pages, not currently available on the iTunesU main page.

What if I’m not satisfied with the final podcast posted on iTunesU?

The AMS teamstrives to produce podcasts that satisfy everyone’s goals and needs. After podcasts are posted we encourage anyone to make comments in relation to poor video or audio quality, as well as misinformation posted along with the podcast. Though the AMS team will make all necessary arrangements to correct discrepancies with our final media all issues will be met on a case-by-case bases, and no project will be redone completely.

Can I have the media recorded for the podcast?

AMS is very happy to provide copies of the final versions of podcasts, streaming videos, etc as long as we are provided with material required to transfer the media (i.e. external drives, DVR’s, DVD’s). No original material or master tapes will be provided. However, Academic Multimedia Services will arrange work with clients to allow them the ability to create their own so they can make copies of the original material for their personal use.

How long will I have to wait to have my content appear on iTunesU?

Most post-production editing for podcasts can take anywhere between 25-30 hours of editing time. This includes adding graphics and other media related to the project. Anyone interested in knowing when a podcast is posted is to inquire with the AMS studio (ext. 3698.) It also depends on how busy AMS is and how many projects are in the queue before yours. We strive to post completed podcasts in a timely fashion.

How long does a podcast stay on the AU iTunesU page?

Posted materials are a permanent part of the AU iTunesU site, unless there is a request to remove the podcast or content in the podcast need to be updated.

I want to start podcasting my lectures and other content. Do you provide support and where do I get equipment?

AMS provides support for video and audio podcasting. We are also partneterd with the library Mulitdea Services Des, which provide practical and user-friendly video cameras and audio recorders to serve the needs of basic podcasting, and faculty and staff can borrow this equipment. To read and understand the rules and regulations for checking out AMS equipment please refer to the following link.

How can I get my own course page (or pages) for my class?

Requests for new course pages can be submitted to Scott O’Beirne the Academic Multimedia Services Coordinator, at extension 3698, via e-mail at

As a part of the course page request, you will need to provide a description of the course as it will appear on iTunesU, and any links that you would like to appear on the course page. It is also a good idea to send associated audio, video and pdf documents for your course page at the same time you make the request.

Please be aware that you must have release forms signed if you are not the creator of the tracks you wish to post, otherwise we will be unable to post any content to your course page. If you own the intellectual property you wish to post, we will need to have you fill out a submitter license.

When you send tracks to us to post, please provide a description, artist, year, and grouping metadata for each track. This information will enable a better search for your podcasts within iTunes.

Can Academic Multimedia Services produce projects outside of its academic mission?

American University’s iTunesU team provides full production and post-production services for AU departments and outside vendors that wish to create media. To learn more about the Academic Multimedia Services rates and capabilities please refer to the AMS Production Rate Sheet.