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New Media Center

Onsite Use Equipment

There are a number of peripherals and other pieces of equipment that AU students, faculty and staff can use on-site in the New Media Center. Users are personally financially responsible if equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged.

  • External hard drive
  • iGrabber DVD and VHS video capture [using iGrabber (pdf)]
  • Logitech web camera
  • Headset
  • Craig audio cassette transcriber
  • Audio cassette recorder
  • Mini-cassette recorder
  • Yamaha DGX-505 music keyboard
  • Multi-format cardreader

Overnight NMC Access:

Overnight access to the NMC is by in person reservation only. The NMC workstations can be reserved for overnight use the nights the library is open 24 hours (Monday 12:00AM through Friday 8:00AM). Access is by reservation only. Users can reserve an evening (midnight - 8:00AM) to use a specific NMC studio with the software they need. Users will be given access to a keybox in the library front lobby and can then retrieve the NMC key they need. Key access is available only after midnight - the NMC is cleared of users and locked when Media Services closes. Users must leave if they are in the NMC before midnight.

Making an Overnight NMC Reservation:

  1. You must make a reservation in person at the New Media Center desk between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.
  2. Present a valid AUID when you make your reservation.
  3. You will be granted card-swipe access to the key lockbox in the library front lobby. It is your responsibility to test your AUID on the lockbox in advance. If your card is damaged or demagnetized, it will not work on the lockbox.
  4. Each Fall and Spring semester you must have a NMC Overnight Use Agreement signed and on file at the New Media Center before you are given overnight access to the NMC.
  5. Overnight reservations are for single evening. You will have access to a specific NMC workspace based on the software you are using.

Take a look at a video tutorial about how to access the NMC overnight. For more information contact the New Media Center staff at (202) 885-2560.