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Office of Campus Life

About the Office of Campus Life

OCL students

Campus Life staff enjoy the challenge of working with students to help you achieve your educational goals. We help to enhance your social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being during your college years.

Students play an important role in shaping campus life at AU. We welcome your comments on our programs and services and invite you to visit the Office of the Vice President of Campus Life when you are in Butler Pavilion.

The Mission of Campus Life

The mission of the Office of Campus Life is to integrate students into a diverse learning community; promote their intellectual, social, and spiritual development; and, in collaboration with the faculty, prepare students for lifelong learning and global citizenship. The Office of Campus Life is committed to providing the foundation for a student-centered environment that is supportive yet challenging.

Qualities of a Student Centered Environment

The Office of Campus Life is committed to providing the foundation for a student-centered environment that is supportive yet challenging. A student-centered environment is characterized by these qualities:

It’s Personal.

  • We strive for meaningful relationships with students and colleagues.
  • We model civility in our interpersonal relationships.
  • We pursue opportunities for personal growth.

It’s Learning-Focused.

  • We engage in reciprocal learning, recognizing that each of us is both teacher and learner.
  • We intentionally link students' educational experiences in and out of the classroom.

It’s Values-Based.

  • We are guided by institutional values as we develop and administer policies, programs and services. These values include a commitment to service, equity and equal access, responsibility and good citizenship, appreciation for human diversity, environmental protection, social justice, individual freedom, and human rights and dignity.
  • We make the connections between our activities and institutional values explicit.

It’s Collaborative.

  • We work across departmental lines to create and enhance university programs and solve problems.
  • We identify and consult with stakeholders in our decision-making.
  • We volunteer our assistance where we think we have contributions to make.

It’s Quality-Driven.

  • We consult with students and colleagues to understand their needs.
  • We integrate services to provide easy access for users.
  • We streamline service delivery to enhance efficiency.
  • We evaluate services and programs for continuous improvement.