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Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is here to help students make the most of their university experience, both personally and academically. 

The Counseling Center offers counseling, self-help resources, referrals to private care, workshops, and discussion groups to help students gain the skills and insights they need to overcome adversity and thrive in their life and learning. Any student with a concern they would like to discuss is welcome. For example, students come to the Counseling Center with concerns about their relationships, health, happiness, motivation, behaviors, stress, trauma, or life decisions. Meeting with a clinician is a chance to explore one's hopes and fears, and determine possible courses of action or resolution in a respectful and confidential setting

For more information, browse the rest of our site. The About Us section has information about our staff, confidentiality, and FAQs. Or call x3500 and arrange to speak with a clinician. You can also learn more about our services and what to expect at an initial consultation appointment by viewing the videos below, or by clicking here.

A Message on Recent Events 

The American University Counseling Center staff acknowledges the range of emotions that many students, faculty, and staff are experiencing following recent shootings and other acts of violence, both within the United States and worldwide. We offer our support and condolences to those who have been impacted by such events directly and indirectly. We encourage you to reach out to friends and family for support, participate in self-care activities, and allow yourself to set boundaries in interactions in order to best care for yourself. 

As a staff, we are committed to providing culturally sensitive and affirming services for all students and to creating a safe and respectful environment where students can explore and discuss experiences of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. If you have been impacted by recent events and would like to discuss your concerns further with a Counseling Center clinician, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation appointment (202-885-3500) or to stop by the Counseling Center during Urgent Care Drop-in Hours (M-F, 2-4 pm). Resources listed below may provide additional support. 

Self Care for People of Color after Psychological Trauma

Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting

Advice for White Folks in the Wake of the Police Murder of a Black Person

101 Ways to Take Care of Yourself when the World Feels Overwhelming

Statement From The Trevor Project On The Tragic Events in Orlando

Introduction to Services

Intake Consultation


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Learn more about AU's offerings for free online anonymous mental health screenings for depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Online Self-Help Library

Access to our free self-help library is just a click away! Click on the yellow arrow below.

First Time Appointments

Counseling Center - Six Things to Know

The following link provides information about first time appointments.

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Student Awards 2013

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24x7 Crisis Intervention + Hotlines

Counseling Center - 24x7 Hotlines

At any time of the day, the Counseling Center is here to support you and your well being.

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Donating to AUCC Programs

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Group Therapy Services

Calendar Deadline

Fall 2016
Therapy Groups:

"Care Group" for Survivors of Sexual Assault
(Thursdays, 3-4:15 pm)

Grief Group (day/time TBD)

LGBTQ+ Group (Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45 am)

Managing Feelings (Wednesdays, 3:15-4:30 pm)

You Matter (Thursdays, 4:30-5:45 pm)

Understanding Self and Others Groups 
   Mondays, 3:00-4:15 pm
   Tuesdays, 3:00-4:15 pm
   Fridays, 1:10-2:25 pm
   Fridays, 3:00-4:15 pm

If you are interested in participating in one of our therapy groups, please call the Counseling Center (x3500) and schedule an initial consultation appointment.

Fall 2016 Outreach Group(s):

  • International Students: Toward a Global Self (day/time TBD; please email Keum Choi, PhD at if you are interested in participating).

Group Therapy