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Office of Information Technology


I.T. Takes a Village: Partnering for You

Across AU's distributed campus, many offices contribute to the success of a system or service. The Office of Information Technology has collaborated with some of its partners to develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to sustain and increase quality service levels and best value to AU.

These SLAs are intended to provide a clear reference to service ownership and accountability, along with a concise and measurable description of the service provided to the customer. The roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a particular service or system are also defined. The SLA matches perceptions of expected service with actual service support and delivery.

SLAs offer many benefits to both customers and providers. For example, SLAs establish a baseline, which leads to continuous improvement and better service. With meetings and frequent discussions, the collaborative process required to develop an SLA strengthens relationships between OIT and the service owner from another campus department.

The SLA also helps to establish a shared language that can be useful for managing expectations and providing clarity, because the scope of services and division of responsibilities are clearly defined. The goals of any service are balance and optimum performance; an SLA helps us achieve these goals by examining and defining the interaction among people, products, and processes.

Below are the SLAs established as of January of 2009:

  • A SLA was signed in March of 2008 with Housing & Dining Programs to govern the Blackboard Transaction System, which is the system for processing credit card and EagleBuck$ transactions both on and off campus. 
  • A SLA was signed in April of 2008 with the Center for Teaching Excellence to manage the Blackboard Academic Suite, which is AU's electronic learning application. 
  • A SLA was signed in June of 2008 with Housing & Dining Programs and Public Safety to manage the C-Cure System, which provides card access to campus buildings. 
  • A SLA was signed in August of 2008 with the University Library and Housing & Dining Programs to govern the EagleBuck$ Printing System
  • A SLA was signed in November of 2008 with the Washington College of Law's Office of Information Technology to manage the WCL Core Services
  • A SLA was signed in January of 2009 with Public Safety to govern the AU Campus Connect emergency alert system.