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October 27, 2014

 TO: American University Faculty
 FROM: Violeta T. Ettle, Vice Provost for Academic Administration
 SUBJECT: CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Summer 2015 Online Learning Course Development Grant

A course development grant of $3,000 per course/faculty member will be provided by the vice provost for academic administration in support of faculty development of for-credit, asynchronous, online, undergraduate and graduate courses for delivery in summer 2015. Any faculty member who has not previously received an online course development grant is invited to apply.


  1. Interested faculty may submit a grant proposal to their respective school/college dean for consideration. All proposals must follow the template below:
    1. Faculty name
    2. Academic unit/department
    3. Course title (specify if a gen ed course)
    4. Course number (if currently offered in the schedule of classes)
    5. Course description
    6. Summer session dates for this course
    7. Explain why this course will be effective in an online format
    8. Explain innovative pedagogy and technology tools that will be used
    9. Explain desired learning outcomes and assessment tools
  2. Upon review, deans may recommend proposals for the award to the vice provost for academic administration. Courses should be in the 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX or 6XX level in the standard three-credit hour module and designed for delivery in an accelerated seven-week format. The selected course(s) should come from the existing curriculum; however, new courses for online learning delivery may also be developed, subject to the approval of the dean. Courses proposed for General Education credit first must be submitted to the General Education Program for approval, and then forwarded to the appropriate dean for recommendation.
  3. Proposals recommended by the dean must be submitted via e-mail to by Saturday, November 15, 2014.
  4. Proposals selected for the grant will be announced on or before Monday, November 24, 2014.
  5. Faculty members who receive the grant must complete the online certification course offered by the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning (CTRL) during spring 2015. They must also agree to teach the approved online course during summer 2015 in accordance with the university’s summer schedule.
  6. During summer 2015, online classes may be scheduled for either the first seven-week session of May 11 through June 25 or the second seven-week session of June 20 through August 13. Faculty should provide their schedule request to their respective dean/associate dean for submission to the registrar's office and inclusion in the summer 2015 Schedule of Classes.
  7. Teaching compensation will be paid according to current and applicable university policies and schedule. Payment of the course development grant will be made to faculty as follows:
    1. The first payment of $1,500 will be made upon certified completion of the CTRL online certification course, by no later than June 2015 payroll; and
    2. The $1,500 balance will be paid after summer 2015 classes have begun, generally, after the first summer payroll.
    Grant payments will not be made for incomplete courses, for course not ready for delivery, or to faculty who fail to satisfactorily complete the online certification course, as certified by CTRL. The second 50% grant payment will not be made if the course is cancelled due to enrollment below the minimum course requirement (8 students). If a course is cancelled as a result of low enrollment, faculty will be given the opportunity to teach the course in a future summer term and will be paid the remaining balance of the grant at that time.

Questions regarding the Course Development Grant should be directed to the Online Learning Coordinator at Questions pertaining to the online certification course should be sent to the CTRL Online Learning Group at

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