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OSP | Recent Awards

Awards Overview

In July 2016 (FY 2017), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers.

PI:  Terry Davidson  

College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology  

Title:  Signals to Feed: Biological and Associative Mechanisms   

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health  

Funds:  $316,417.00

PI:  Frederick Bruhweiler  

College of Arts and Sciences - Physics  

Title: Establishing the Legacy of the RHESSI Space Mission  

Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration  

Funds: $300,000.00

PI: Charles R. Lewis  

School of Communication - Investigative Reporting Workshop  

Title: General Support for Investigative Reporting Workshop    

Sponsor:  Park Foundation, Inc.  

Funds: $200,000.00

PI: Laura DeNardis  

School of Communication - Public Communication  

Title: Internet Governance Lab    

Sponsor: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation  

Funds: $300,000.00

PI: Jonathan Fox  

School of International Service

Title: Synthesis paper on vertical integration of CSO monitoring and advocacy  

Sponsor: Hivos  

Funds: $9,391.05

PI: Elizabeth Suhay  

School of Public Affairs - Government  

Title: The Politics of Genetic Explanations for Social Inequality    

Sponsor: Russell Sage Foundation  

Funds: $48,249.00

PI: Padideh Ala'i  

Washington College of Law - Humphrey Fellowship Program  

Title:  Humphrey Fellowship Program  

Sponsor: Institute of International Education  

Funds: $535,854.00

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