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Awards Overview

In September 2016 (FY 2017), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers.

PI:  Shouzhong Zou

College of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry

Title:MRI: Acquisition of an Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) to Enhance Research and Teaching at American University

Sponsor:National Science Foundation


PI:Alan Silberberg

College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology

Title:Experimental Tests of the Adequacy of Rat Models of Human Empathy

Sponsor:National Institutes of Health



PI:David Carlini

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology

Title:Testing for Parallel Evolution in Gammarus Minus Cave Populations Using Whole Transcriptome Data

Sponsor:Cave Conservancy of the Virginias



PI:Michael Brenner

College of Arts and Sciences - Center for Israel Studies

Title:Israel Institute Visiting Professor

Sponsor:Israel Institute



PI:Kirsten Stoebenau

College of Arts and Sciences - Sociology

Title:Improving Measures of the Gender Dimensions of Adolescent Girls and Young Women's Risk of HIV through Transactional Sex

Sponsor:George Washington University


  PI:Douglas Fox

College of Arts and Sciences - Chemistry

Title:FluorescentCellulose  NanomaterialDevelopment Project

Sponsor:The U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, Inc



PI:Boncho Bonev

College of Arts and Sciences - Physics

Title:Physics Collaborative Proposal: Comets and the history of volatile matter during planetary system formation

Sponsor:National Science Foundation



PI:Robin Lumsdaine

Kogod School of Business - Finance & Real Estate

Title:Applied Research in Econometrics

Sponsor:Erasmus University Rotterdam



PI:Julie Drizin

School of Communication - Dean's Office

Title:Current Attendance at Online New Association Conference 2016

Sponsor:Ford Foundation



PI:Khaldoun Abouassi

School of Public Affairs - Public Administration and Policy

Title:Passive vs. Active Engagement of Members In Their Membership Associations: Does It Make A Difference?

Sponsor:ASAE Foundation


 PI:Derek Hyra

School of Public Affairs - Public Administration and Policy

Title:Making the Just City Project

Sponsor:Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



PI:Jie Lu

School of Public Affairs - Government

Title:Dynamics of Youth Political Participation and Political Culture: A Comparison of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Sponsor:Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation



PI:Susana Sacouto

Washington College of Law - Women & International Law Program

Title:Strengthening Government Ability to Hold Perpetrators Accountable for Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the CAR

Sponsor:U.S. Department of State



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